Which zelda game is for me??

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User Info: GenericName9

4 years ago#21
I remember the Minish Cap had me stumped in a few spots for a couple days...I actually thought it was more challenging than Oot. Maybe though I can't remember my first time with Oot, it was so many years ago and I've played through it so many times since.

Really though I don't want to sound insulting or elitist, but I have to state my opinion. Why do people complain about a game being challenging? That's a GOOD thing in my opinion. The game gives you so many hints and clues, you have a fairy who tells you what to do, where to go, then the owl, then stuff like: "if it looks suspicious bomb it!", you can talk to people, also then there's the new hint Sheikah stones which are almost like cheating. It's not like there's no solution, try things, bomb it, play songs, hit it with your sword, etc. etc. I apologize again if I sound condescending, I just get mad when I hear people say that the game does'nt help them enough, I get scared that the developers might listen to them and act on it.

I used to be a big PC FPS fan, I don't play modern FPS games anymore, they suck, they all have NPC characters telling you where to go what to do, how to do it, regenerating health, etc. I miss the old days when you'd start a level at point "A" and it was all up to you to figure out how to get to point "B", you had a map and that was it. There's no fear anymore, no challenge...the things that made it fun. How did it become like that? The developers listened to the whiners without realizing those people were playing the wrong genre for them but expecting to like it from fan hype.
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User Info: ShELbY_GT500

4 years ago#22
GenericName I do agree with you. Games these days have way too much hand holding. Thats why Im liking Zelda so much, I really feel great when Im stuck on something and then have to start thinking hard about what to do next and then finally figuring it out. Most games were like that.

You say you're worried about devs actually listening? I say they already have and a long time ago. FFX was the last game that Ive actually had to consult a walkthrough for but the old PSX days Id always have to consult a walkthrough for bits and pieces.

My issue with the whole 'catering to casuals' is; They're catering to casuals wth games that a casual wouldnt really play.
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