This game should be called Donkey Kong Land Returns.

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User Info: Rango

4 years ago#1
Handheld version of the console original. It's been what, almost 20 years since DKL3?
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User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#2

And If someone says "LOL OBVIOUS JOKE/TROLL TOPIC", I will not believe it.
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User Info: Blargg

4 years ago#3
If this were a new game, sure. It isn't.

And really now they've just shot themselves in the foot if they DO wanna make a new portable Donkey Kong. They can't very well call it Donkey Kong Land Returns now. Imagine every young kid and uninformed parent looking at games on the shelf...

"Well, we can choose Land or Country."
"Country sounds bigger, AND it's $20 cheaper!"
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User Info: CharizardFang

4 years ago#4
Isn't this the same as the wii version, and just a port? Why change the name? It'd be like when they released Super Mario World on GBA but instead called it Super Mario Land. The "Land" part is probly just for new handheld entries and not ports.

User Info: Gaming_Pal_TEJ

4 years ago#5
That makes no sense. The DKL games were not ports of the DKC games. Similar, yes, but not ports.

User Info: ChronoCactaur

4 years ago#6
Ehh I would argue that DKL2 and DKL3 were more or less altered ports or demakes of the SNES games.

DKL1, though, is different enough. It has different setpieces and even a couple unique enemies from the SNES game.

We do not discuss the GBA ports though, do we? Except maybe DKC3 GBA. I actually think that one had a better soundtrack. Also an extra world.
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