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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

5 years ago#21

Looks a lot better in game, the pasty white is a metallic silvery color.
PSN->TheReal_Seal SSF4AE: Vega SFxT: Vega x Yoshimitzu
UMVC3: Taskmaster/Strider/Deadpool, Pheonix Wright/Felicia/Frank West!

User Info: Deezul

5 years ago#22
Deleted my old posts and re-did the skins after they fixed the customizer thing today so reposting.

Transformers Autobots 'Jazz' (G1-ish) skin for Kamikaze.

For some reason even tho it looked fine in the editor after I published it and checked it out in game the stripe/colors on the back bumper are messed up and off center.. not sure why and when i try to edit it and fix it i have to start all over.. so.. its just gonna stay that way. =P

Transformers Decepticon Barricade skin (movie inspired) for Outlaw

Like the old one.. the wording/decals on the passenger side are reversed. The way the layers work in the site editor i couldn't get them to work the right way.

The problems with both of my skins aren't all that noticeable in game anyways but these are generally crappy.. purely made by cut-n-pasting decals and what not in the browser editor. Maybe someone will like em. =P

I got them both to work and download today so that issue seems to be over.

User Info: PrizeX6

5 years ago#23
Since they fixed the car skin issue, heres an updated version of my Mortal Kombat Kamikazi

God of Warrant

User Info: CoolDogrol

5 years ago#24
Mechanical Kamikaze
Bigger pictures:



Hotrod OUtLaw




Big images of the car @ Twisted Metal:



Hammerhead TM2 ' old texture styl:



Hammerhead 2012 'reworked version of the TM2 Hammerhead'



Have fun.
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