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User Info: Vadimony

4 years ago#1
As the state of /v/ is that most people join /v/ end up being inactive or never online or just begin to quit. We're a graveyard. It's the same again...

I've had enough of the torture of people joining and leaving and we can't even get a full 8 man roster that's active. With Bees and Cor leaving /v/, it's obvious that we'll be forced to find new members. We can't do that.

/v/ was always Lare and Me, which mostly became me when Lare isn't on.

Story is that due to circumstances, we lost Cor. Due to those, we literally lost our whole clan because of that. Where CorLovesDollface goes isn't my concern, the fact that we lost him is such a massive blow because he was the replacement to Andy_French. Now, we don't have French, we don't have Cor--we just have players that are excellent players, but can't coexist.

To everyone in /v/, I apologize as this is my fault, I'm a terrible leader, great motivator, but I can't build a roster worth crap. I invite people who I believe will be great, but that belief ends up backfiring and I fail you.

But of course, it has been a great run. We won and won, and could have continued winning... I wish you all luck on your future as TM players. Join whatever clan you wish. As /v/ is done. We never really could have worked together because of so many uncertainties. We're a clan that doesn't find any real joy being together--a clan of misfits. We like and tolerate one another, but that's about it.

So to the other clans, here's our roster:
Larebear102 - can't carry a team on his own, but can be a great add no matter what. Plays terrific support and is by far the best JYD.
yurnxt1 - can't carry a team on his own, but can be one of the best decoys and supportive players. Although his offensive is suspect, he's terrific and smart.
Robinnio - he's on an island. That's his decision to leave or go.
CorLovesDollface - the only player in the clan that can do everything. The best valuable piece in our clan. No matter what, he's the most consistent and effective member we have.
Arzharkel - great player. His decision where he wishes to go.
RFA88 - great JYD, but inactive.
DaAnimal83 - very inactive, but a good Vermin. Plays cheap.
Nickchamp102 - not developed to take on double teams, but can self-stick remotes better than anyone.
Swany420 - pick him up if you like.

The rest of the clan won't be on TM.

Well, it was a great run and I thank you all for allowing me to create /v/ that's competitive. We leave TM with two losses: vs [muse] (though we had no JYD and kept it competitive throughout) and [FAM] (we had a player leave and then another and had to play the rest of the war man down after the first map, which we lost 8-6. We lost that one because Cor had never played Nuke. He struggled. But I take the blame.)

I guess that's that, and sorry Rob!

User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#2
So you're just ending the clan completely, not scaling back or anything?
PSN ID BigDaddyCMasta


4 years ago#3
Way to give up prematurely. There is still life in /v/ but your giving up? To each his own.
* Four our a[muse]ment *

User Info: Coldhand-

4 years ago#4
very sad... we was almost ready for the rematch.
PSN ID: Coldhand-
Clan: muse and Clan Leader

User Info: peps1generation

4 years ago#5
Dont worry vad always talk some trash like that.
I remember some time ago he create topic were he said he leave tm.
But he is here.
Now the same sh!t Im sure.
Clan - muse

User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#6
Yea no sense in giving up like that, there are other good players as well. Maybe spreading good players around could also help grow the competition.

At least play Muse first. :)
PSN ID BigDaddyCMasta

User Info: mustacheius

4 years ago#7
Vad i think you should kill /v/ and make a new better clan. If not then tell your old members to. The more clans the more wars

User Info: BostonApu

4 years ago#8
That's incredibly bad news and frustrates me in every conceivable way. I really wish I could've helped. Your not a bad leader. Its probably not the position your most comfortable with but I thought you did well. For once I'm at a loss for words. I hope you reconsider. Its never to late to try a different approach. Good luck

User Info: Vadimony

4 years ago#9
I'm sorry, but that's the way it works. You get to the point where rebuilding for the seventh time is a little too much. I don't see us (Cor- Rob- Lare- Me) as a bad core of players at all, but the problem lies in that we can't keep Cor, and that's a huge blow. The wars against the top clans, we have always had Cor with us. We switched around other players, but Cor was our main figure that remained. Without that player, we can't really find a flow.

We're already a clan that has a tough time getting together, like the problem with nxt and Arz getting online with their schedules. Lare has his own desires and frankly without Cor, I don't think he'll ever have them. Rob and I are simply here for the sake of carrying the clan. Sure I'd love to whoop everyone's butts, but hey it's pointless when you're not able to even find enough players to play a clan war.

The clan may not know it, or Lare may not understand, but the truth is that Cor is that important that I'd find this clan as awful to play with as the ZETA war. They just don't mesh well.

Well, it's unfortunate, but that's that.

Hope you guys have a blissful TM experience from here on out. I can at least lose some stress from having to be a leader (smiles) and can be a role player (grins) that comes online to do wars and practices, but doesn't have to be there just to keep the clan together.

Lastly, I honestly hope Cor goes to a different clan than [muse]. It's the last thing I'd like to see. Him in [muse] will likely make Chriz, BeeR, and Pepsi the best four in the game because they'd mesh really really well. But personality wise, Cor won't fit. :)

User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#10
Well maybe one clan can take a few good players and form 2 clans.
PSN ID BigDaddyCMasta
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