They ruined this franchise..

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User Info: ilikesandwiches

4 years ago#11
SacTown52 posted...
X-Ployt posted...
I honestly feel that "quick online action" was meant for the simpletons who couldn't figure out what they wanted to play, and inevitably turns new players off when they think no one is playing, and exponentially downsizes the community, as the community, gets smaller.

Yes x-ployt you hit that on point, they should patch that quick online feature out. New payers get stuck on those TM34567 lobbies all the time.they think that no one plays it but if they go to multiplayer and go online and see the lobbies it would grow more players.

I've theorized that and have been trying to pitch it to sony since day 1. It was terribly thought out and something like that would only work with a player base like cod or something.

But regardless, to late now.
Psn: trollaidz22

User Info: againstype

4 years ago#12
I've had it since day 1, but haven't been in & out for a while...recently dipped back for the anniversary.

Online seems more stable, but still a bit wonky at times. I also always server search though, and the community is honestly howi expected it to be...down to a few pros, some glitches/spammers, and a couple of stragglers...and the I guess folks like me.

My point though, there aren't really any new players coming to this...and if they did, they would have almost no chance of sirvival online, and its honestly not active enough to let them get much better. I still only see a handful of rooms, none of which are usually full or, this game still has Dead Host Disease.

Forget taking out Quick Match, make the game auto countdown when minimum. Threshold is hit.
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  3. They ruined this franchise..

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