this game sucks

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User Info: smokesouljah

4 years ago#11
ilikesandwiches posted...
ThaCMaster posted...
davidjaffefixit posted...
lol this game does not suck i paid 65,000 pennies and its worth every one


What up C-Meister?!?!

Werd on the streets is he bought 10 copies.... He liked it that much.

lol he meant 6500 pennies

User Info: shotgunheadshot

4 years ago#12
I agree the game blows. Barely a story mode which sucks with those racing ones suck too. Only the fast cars wins, any other car is useless. The bots are so damn cheap when your trying to play on a challenge map.

It's very unbalanced when they gang up on you. That's not really a free for all. I can beat them on normal but on hard or twisted difficulty is just absurd bot programming. Constantly being fired at, all you do is look for health packs to survive. LOL.

User Info: Me_Giraffe

4 years ago#13
No, you suck.

User Info: SacTown52

4 years ago#14
This game was not even that hard on twisted mode. I got warthog easily no glitch needed
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