Summoning, how to summon and it's uses.

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User Info: therealgosh

7 years ago#1
Summon is a new command that has replaced miracles in the Patapon 3 Multiplayer Demo. Summoning is a very useful technique and can get you out of tight spots. Summoning is used to attack, defend, and most importantly, to revive your fallen allies.

To summon you must fill up your fever until it glows brightly. You can only summon with a full fever bar. The command is
(X, XX, XX); unique because it doesn't follow the beat perfectly. A good way to do it successfully is to press X as you would normally would start a measure, pause, DonDon (consecutivley), pause, DonDon.

Check it out at about 2:00 minute mark. Listen to the beat, and try repeating it.

Note: A good way to fill up Fever quickly it to use the Party command (Pata Pon Don Chaka). It should fill it up in 5 or so measures.

When you summon, you bring forth a Heroic-looking statue. You can then press the four buttons, Pata, Pon, Don, and Chaka along with the beat. If done correctly, your Hero will enter Hero mode and gain all it's effects. Note that when pressing buttons, you either get Perfects, Goods, or nothing. Each note makes the score rise, with better-timed notes receiving more points. Also, when doing different combinations of notes, you get a multipler. Different means alternating notes, long notes (you can hold a button to make it longer) and chaining them together for maximum points.

Note: During summon, I get the most points by pressing 5 notes, holding the last note. So it sorta looks like: ABABA------------, A and B being alternating notes and the last A held. With this, I got a score of about 9,600,000 with 4 perfect measures, and the rest goods and perfects (NO, not a secret bragging topic).

Note: Did I mention summoning revives fallen allies? Well, SUMMONING REVIVES FALLEN ALLIES.

That's it for my summon guide. Patapon noobs, you have been enlightened. Use this newfound power to suck less.

User Info: therealgosh

7 years ago#2
Quick edit to my Max Points Tip: You don't have to alternate notes to get more points, as pressing just one note over and over again would yield the same amount of points as alternating between notes. So instead of alternating between buttons, you can just press one button 5 times, holding the last note. Square makes the least annoying sound, so I generally stick with that.

What threw me off was the Backbeat multiplier (x6). Apparently, the Djinn beat goes along with the gameplay rhythm, so in theory if you're used to doing Pata Pata Pata Pon, you can use that with the same rhythm, and all notes in between each notes act as "Backbeat" notes. For example, you can do Pata, Pata, Pata, Pon, with no backbeat multiplyer. Next you do PataDonPataDonPataDonPon. All the Dons between the four main notes act as a backbeat and gives you more points.

Long story short:
-You don't have to keep pressing different notes, spamming one works just as well.
-More notes GOOD, more perfectly timed notes BETTER.

Sorry if I lost some of you in my backbeat explanation/interpretation.

User Info: phurawsity

7 years ago#3
thank you i was wondering how this worked. i can do the summoning beat but didnt understand what to do after.

User Info: Tidus_Shuyin731

7 years ago#4
Bump for first page viewing

User Info: quikwit1212

6 years ago#5
Sticky requested, but it probably won't happen because the game isn't out yet D:
Yeah, my PSN is going here, wanna fight about it?
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