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User Info: Angel_Molina

6 years ago#1
Okay first off, check this out... (Japanese patapon 3 site)

Here's a patapon 3 wishlist...

Here's a guide of sorts on Kongregate that I made...

Some images in Japanese showing something new...

And, Patapedia

Okay, that's all for links, now for some faqs (frequently asked questions)...

Q: How do you activate Kibapon's (horse/spear) hero mode?
A: First you charge (pon,pon,chaka,chaka) and then attack perfectly (pon,pon,pata,pon).

Q: How's versus mode?
A: I have played the co-op mode many, many times but I have only played the versus mode once and never again... It was alright, the territories are just a building with a cannon on it and you capture them by just standing under them. I don't know much else other than there's three modes: a death count system, capture the (enemy) flag, and capture the most territory.

Q: Something about a special ending???
A: They're only two endings: The first ending involves two other evil heroes (who probably came out of the giant chest) saying something about getting the full game in order to fight them.
After that, every time you beat the co-op game, your patapon quotes something that says "thank you for playing but you should buy the full game when it comes out... Shazam!" and the games resets the title screen.

Q: Is your PSP suppose to disconnect the WLAN when you beat the second stage?
A: Yes, right after you get the jeweled chest and pass the goal post, it disconnects.

Q: Does the party command (pata,pon,don,chaka) really work on your teammates as well?
A: Yes, but only to a certain extent. The very moment you execute the command, whatever status effect your teammates have will be removed, but they will still be susceptible to any effects they catch for the duration of the command. Also, this works as well when you are dead (I've tried it many times myself).

User Info: Angel_Molina

6 years ago#2
Q: Hey, I got a bunch of treasure chests but some of them don't show up in the treasure chest screen?
A: I believe there is a limit of about the first ten treasure chests, any chests acquired after that disappear... =(

Q: How do you get those hair do-es that I see some people have?
A: Supposedly, when you start a new game, whatever hero you pick will have a different hair style and colored scarf when you play with him in co-op... But personally, I have tried this and it did not work. If anyone can shed some light on the subject, it would be much appreciated.

Q: Is it true that you can go over to level 6 with your patapon?
A: No, what happens is that when you get to level 5 and beat the first stage of the dungeon quest, you stop receiving experience points. But if you kill a couple of dragons during the second stage and quit, you will receive experience points. However, you will NOT go to level 6 and your experience counter for your hero will stop at 7000 points...

Q: They're plus 3 items!?
A: Yes, the highest plus items I have seen go up to 3.

Q: Are there really different weapons you can wield when you get to Level 5?
A: Yes, you acquire them when you get the selected patapon to LV 5 and you get them in the first stage of the dungeon quest, for example:
Wondabarappa (horn) can wield longhorns
Taterazay (sword/shield) can wield blades
Kibadda (horse/spear) can wield a lance
Yumiyacha (bow and arrow) can wield long bows

Q: How do you get the treasure chest in the beginning of the dungeon quest with so-and-so by yourself?
A: Tondenga (hammer/club) and Taterazay should be underneath it when you start the stage. If you are using Wondabarappa and and Yumiyacha then just move forward once and you should be underneath it. If you are using Kibadda then charge, attack (must be hero mode), and then jump. Yarida (spear) is the only one that I haven't figured out how to get the treasure chest, and believe me, I've tried...

Q: Is the Cyclopes from the field quest look bigger than the ones in the dungeon quest?
A: Yes, even though the field quest cyclopes is much weaker than the ones in the dungeon quest.

Q: Who are those little guys you fight in the quest?
A: That's the demon tribe Bonedeth, one of the few tribes that you will have to fight in the full game (which are listed when you open up the character info menu with square button when you are in the "equip" interface).

Q: Legendary weapons? list please...
A: Taterazay = Flangil (golden sword, 200% damage against demons) and Dragonlay ( purple sword, 300% damage against dragons).
Yumiyacha = Bow of Apollopon (golden bow, fires faster by 1.50 attack speed) and Yamibashiri (purple bow, deals high poison and sleepiness damage).
Yarida and Kibadda= Gesundbeit (purple spear, 300% damage against Cyclopes) and Yumspar (transparent spear, has sleepiness effect).
Wondabarappa = Healixer tuba (blue horn, boosts defense and HP) and Dragon nap (purple horn, 200% damage against dragons and increases sleepiness status effect rate).
Tondenga = Mjollnir (golden hammer, 200% damage against Cyclopes) and Genmaru (gray hammer, 200% damage against buildings).

User Info: Angel_Molina

6 years ago#3
Q: What about legendary equipment?
Helms = Tahla helm (blue helm, boosts all resistances) and bunny hood ( black bunny ears, greatly boosts attack but decreases fire resistance by 20%)
Shields = Stinger shield (spiky-gray shield, increases attack by a little and boosts critical rate) and Galapagos shield (purple turtle shell, boosts defense but decreases sleepiness resistance).
shoulders = Frayola's spaulders (pink shoulder guards, increases movement and attack speed) and Lonestars (spiky shoulder guards, increases attack damage).
Horse = Bullgam the bully (golden-horned horse, increased wight, resistance, and defense) and Sibericus the frosty (blue-ice horse, increased freeze effect rate).
Capes = Cape of Ulysses (golden cap, i think it just boosts resistance) and Freya's Cape (blue-feathered Cape, increases movement and attack speed).

Q: Hey, why does some of my equipment have some letters in caps next to it?
A: Some equipment (both weapons and guards) have a special effect attached to it such as increased armor or defense which should look like "ice helm [Ar]" as an example. here's a list:
* Fl: Increased chance of igniting an enemy with an attack.(Flame)
* Ic: Increased chance of freezing an enemy with an attack.(Ice)
* Li: Increased chance of staggering or igniting an enemy.
* Ar: Improves defence strength.(Armour)
* H: Increased damage against undead. (Holy)
* Sl: Increased chance of giving the enemy sleep status.(Sleep)
* Po: Increased chance of poisoning an enemy with an attack.(Poison)
* Hp: Inceases hitpoints.(Hitpoints)
* Me: Greatly increases hitpoints.(Mega)
* Cr: Increases critical rate.(Critical)
* Cu: Increased defense against poison.(Cure)
* G: God-like attack ability.(God)
* St: Damage boost.(Strength)

Q:Does your hero's mask really change when he gets to Level 5?
A: Only Wondabarappa's and Tondenga's mask change at LV 5 in the demo.

Q: Fire Mayham! Got a plan?
A: ... ... umm, no...

Q: When does the game come out?
A: The first of November (11/01/10) in the USA, about a month from now.

Q: Is the game really $20 dollars and will it be in umd?
A: Yes, and it will also be released in umd.

That's all for now, if you ever see me online, my hero's name is Mike.

User Info: lluukkee1122

6 years ago#4
my heroes name is HAM..

User Info: Angel_Molina

6 years ago#5
I don't remember playing with you, maybe I have, but I have long forgotten it (sorry). There are simply a lot people that i play with but i can't remember each and every ones name...

Also there are four important FAQs I did not mention earlier:

Q: The Patapon 3 demo is not the PSN store, WTF?
A: I know, unfortunately Sony decided to take it off for some unknown reason, I however was lucky enough to have downloaded it a week before it got taken off. If you really, really want to play it, you can always download it in Japanese here (I will make a separate for translation):

Q: I hear some people can beaten the dungeon quest by themselves (solo), that they were even able to pass the gates during the first stage, is that true?
A: yes, I myself have actually beaten the whole thing, however much endurance is needed. For the, if you have a bunny hood, you will be fast enough to pass the gate if you are at the edge of the platform (although I won't recommend the bunny hood if you plan on fighting the FIRE-breathing dragons). I already mentioned in a faq above what you can do to pass tha gates if your playing solo (except for Yuripon, spear). I recommend you use Tondenga to beat the first stage of the dungeon quest repeatedly until you have plenty of Armored ice equipment: like the ice shield and ice shoulders and your choice of helm other than the buuny hood, i would recommend the lighting helm since it nullifies stagger. Try to get the golden hammer Majollnir if you can. Also, getting your patapon to level 5 and having plus equipment would definitely help.
Note: you can try this with any patapon hero, but for me at least, using Tondenga is the safest and easiest method (because of armor)

Q: Set skills?
A: This is just some advice from myself, the set skills one patapon doesn't just belong to that one patapon. For example, Yarida has a set skill that increases the damage done when equipped with a spear, which will also increase the attack of his fellow cousin Kibadda (since he can equip a spear or lance). Also for some reason, Taterazay's set skills (increased shield evasion) works for all other patapons.

Q: Character Sheet?
A: Some more advice, if you haven't noticed, when you are in the "Setup" menu, you can press the square button in order to see ALL of the info for your patapon hero....

User Info: JetPilot

6 years ago#6
Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter.
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