999999 damage = hack ?

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User Info: pistolgod2345

6 years ago#1
i've seen some strange stuff since psn came back up... the most curious observation i've had was seeing a tongenda pull off 999999 damage... is this legit or a hack ? if it's legit, which skill setup will allow you to pull this off ? if it's a hack, is it possible to still legitly pull off the 999999 damage with a different class or is it all a hack no matter which damage dealer you use ?

one more thing... i've also seen guardiras who heal themselves with over 1,000 hp per second... is this a skill, or a helmet that i need to find, (i have the same shield, but the player had a purple helmet) or just another hack ?

User Info: kahonee

6 years ago#2
999,999 dmg in one hit is legit. Many classes can pull it off, Tondenga being one of them.

I don't play guardira, so I wouldn't know about the healing thing.

User Info: kaply

6 years ago#3

go through that listing so you know what other classes can do. Just because you don't know how something is done doesn't mean it's a hack.

User Info: dexter1984

6 years ago#4
You're just being plain lazy, learn2search.

User Info: KIOFSPA

6 years ago#5
Off the top of my head:
999 999 damage is just the damage cap for a single hit. Classes at later levels are able to reach it with the right equipment and skills.
Peerless tree is a set skill that heals you 1% each perfect beat.

User Info: ajnauron

6 years ago#6
Pretty much any lvl 32 can deal 999999 in one hit, you just need to equip attack and damage boosting set skills.

User Info: Ryu_Katti

6 years ago#7
It's definetly not a hack my lv13 cannobang can hit 999,999 and often does.

User Info: Endless_Night

6 years ago#8
^Can you post the set up?
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User Info: ajnauron

6 years ago#9
Cannogabang, using an ice howitzer[Po]+30, dealing 12 hits of 999999:

Peerless Bird
Strike Master
Peerless Bovine
Peerless Bow

Enjoy your 11,999,988 damage per charge attack.

User Info: Heavenwargod

6 years ago#10
999 999 damage is just the damage cap for a single hit.

This brings an interesting question to mind.
I've seen people mentioning that the 999999 number that pops up is just a visual effect; the actual number can go beyond that but they would still show it as 999999 (either they're lazy or it's a technical restriction but I doubt it's the latter).

Fact or fiction?
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