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User Info: Melekaliki

5 years ago#1
This game has completely blown my mind in sheer awesomeness, and i was wondering if there are any other games like it out there right now?

User Info: TheDolphin

5 years ago#2
According to visual style/single player epic experience, give "Shadow of the Colossus" a try if you haven't already. I know this game is old (PS2) and almost everyone already know about it, but it still holds on to this day, especially now that it has been updated in HD on the PS3.

According to human interactions and experiences, give DayZ a try. It's an ARMA 2 mod on the PC where humans have to interact in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Think "Journey with zombies". This allows you to explore the other side of the spectrum: while Journey was about companionship, cooperation and guidance, DayZ is more about fear, betrayal and despair.

User Info: Melekaliki

5 years ago#3
thank you very much! i haven't tried Shadow of the Colossus, but i will definitely try it out! Day Z might be a bit too much for me though X_x

User Info: TheSilversage1

5 years ago#4
Along with Shadow of Colossus, I suggest ICO. Both are by the same company and both are from the same world. Originally PS2, they both came out in a combo pack for the PS3. ICO came out first then Shadow of Colossus although Shadow is a prequel to ICO. They have that same kind of feel. (still waiting on Last Guardian >_<)

User Info: mad_hax_man

5 years ago#5
^ ICO had a massive influence on Journey. ICO is about a young boy who guides a princess through a massive castle. Like Journey, ICO uses a minimilist gameplay and story telling method (The main character cant speak each others language) and instead focus's on using the imposing scale of the castle and the physical intimacy of the two leads.

Long story short, get the ICO\ SotC HD collection.

I am going to also recomend Limbo. Its not as strong in story, but is excellent at using a minimist game design to create a bleak, dark atmosphere. For something more uplifting, TGCs previous game, Flower maybe up ur ally way
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User Info: RocketJess

5 years ago#6
Seconding the recommendations for ICO/SotC - but if you still have a PS2 (or a backwards-compatible PS3) I'd actually suggest getting the originals, so you don't get trophy alerts. Unless that doesn't bother you, of course.

Also seconding Flower - and if you like that, there's also their early PC game Cloud, which is on their website.
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User Info: CStrife7

5 years ago#7
you may enjoy Prince of Persia (2008), and all the Prince of Persia titles if you like that.
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User Info: fhoplist

5 years ago#8

Originally for PS2 and came out later for the Wii but just again came with an HD version for download on PS3

I highly recommend it!

And also to a degree the original for the Sega Saturn "NiGHTs into Dreams" has a very surreal dreamy atmosphere. Just re-released for download as well.
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