Starting first playthrough

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User Info: ssj6goten

3 years ago#1
So I have heard a lot about that this game is really good and that you can find a partner to go through the game with. i'm gonna guess that it's at random but since the game is pretty old i have no idea if someone is actually playing it anymore. So just in case I wanted to make a post here that i'll be starting at 19:30 (about 9 hours from now) and hoping that someone will be online. btw I live in europe don't know if that matters for this game.
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User Info: wilbarr17

3 years ago#2
I am in the US (I have no idea if that matters), and I will try and log in. Although since it is random who you are paired with the chances of us running into one another are pretty slim.

I usually play a game once every two months, and there always seems to be someone on when I am playing.

User Info: Hotel_Security

3 years ago#3
Yes, there’s people on. Basically every time I played this game online, I ended up running into someone before I was done.
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