3am... Couldn't sleep... So I purchased Journey...

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User Info: bigtony88

3 years ago#1
A few hours ago, I woke up. Just one of those nights where sleeping was not happening for me. So I switched on my playstation, and having debated purchasing this game recently, I though what better time to try the demo to see what it is all about.

Played through 10-15 minutes before it asked me to purchase the full game. Honestly at this point, the game was pretty basic and there was nothing really to it. I almost did not buy it... but since my insomnia was in full force, I thought what the hell!

Like many, MANY others, here is my experience.

The first moment I got paired up with another human being was such an exciting moment for me... and after about 20 minutes of shrieking for joy with each other, and having some wonderful multiplayer moments, he suddenly crouches down and disappears. My heart literally sunk into my chest. I couldn't believe my nameless friend just disappeared. Did he/she quit? Our internet disconnect? Why am I all of a sudden scared of this world? 20 minutes ago I didn't know life existed in the world, and now I don't want to be alone.

But suddenly, a new friend emerged! We shrieked for joy, jumped up and down, got to know each other and began our Journey to the summit.

This is how you know the game is special. At some moments, my new friend and I would get separated. My heart would start pounding quicker, anxiously looking for my partner, hoping he was not lost forever. Than that moment you find each other, vigorously mashing the circle button to let them know that you missed them and you were searching to make sure they were safe, and you somehow know, they felt the exact same way. It truly is something special.

The last half hour of the game is magical. Spoiler: climbing the cold mountain, huddling next to your new best buddy to keep warm, and keep from blowing away off a cliff. A moment that truly feels like you have been travelling with a soul mate for weeks... months... years! There was this special bond I really truly felt while climbing this snowy mountain. In the closing moments of this sequence, when you know your Journey is ending and you realize you won't make it to the top, and all you can hear are the desperately quiet cries from your partner and yourself, and it borderline made me breakdown in tears. It was just perfect!

There is a moment of sadness knowing those desperate whimpers were the last contact you may have with your fellow journeyman... followed by jubilance as you realize you get to see them again, shrieking at the top of your lungs, flying through the air so free and alive. This was the same person that I met just 90 minutes ago, and now look at us!

The final goodbye comes as we walk along a sandy pathway leading to our ultimate goal. Winding back and forth through the sand as if to wave goodbye to each other, it brought a smile to my face that no other game can bring.

User Info: Hotel_Security

3 years ago#2
My heart literally sunk into my chest. I couldn't believe my nameless friend just disappeared.

This is kind of a cool concept that is unique with this game. It’s just you and this nameless friend. I had one time where me and a dude played through about 2/3 of the game and got to the final, area and in the process I just lost the guy. Couldn’t find where he was. I went to the top and waited and then went all the way down and couldn’t find him…I looked around for maybe 10 minutes. I was so bummed out even though it was just some random dude.

Then I figured I’d go and finish the playthrough and there he was at the very top by the exit where he was waiting for me the entire time. I was quite happy and we made shapes in the sand for a while before heading into the exit.
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