How do you fast travel?

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User Info: Alethir

5 years ago#11
DahlVaughnni posted...
weitzgr posted...
I am guessing it is not in which is a huge failure as it would have taken little effort to program in and only added value. For those who do not like it then don't use it but the vast majority of us don't have hours to waste running back and forth across the map. Their is no logical argument against it.

You're blinded.

"don't like it then don't use it" is a horrible, horrible argument, and you obviously don't understand the concept of it. If that feature was added and I didn't want to fast travel, I would feel like I'm gimping myself for absolutely no reason. Also, fast travel makes the world feel cheap and disposable. Since you have to actually travel, it makes the world feel fuller and more authentic.

It's better this way. I know it, the devs obviously know it. We win, you lose.

Lol, you sound like such a tool. Your argument of "well if its there and I don't use it, I'm gimping myself" is just stupid. Fast Travel is in Skyrim and doesn't hurt anyone, I don't use it when I want to walk somewhere and I don't ever feel gimped. What is there to gimp you? Its not like you're racing anyone since its a single player game, its just choice. Sometimes you can't be assed walking through the same area 100 times.

User Info: RandomTask81

5 years ago#12
The areas in this game aren't so massive that you should need a fast travel.

Also, I feel when I play a game with a fast travel function I don't explore as much because I just try to get to the destination I need to since I know I can just come back to whatever was there later.

In huge games like Skyrim it's understandable why they would have a fast travel system because the map is huge. Even though a lot of the dungeons were disappointing because of the combat system.

I don't know, it seems like you're nitpicking it's not like it ruins the entire game. Morrowind did fine without a fast travel thing, and that game was huge too.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R also didn't have a fast travel... actually bad example, that got annoying with all the backtracking. But that was mainly because of the annoying separation of all the areas.
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User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#13
weitzgr posted...
Thanks for the reasonable replies, I expected a bunch of fanboys to mindlessly attack. Can you at least set markers?

That really only happens when you criticize combat.
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User Info: blazin-24-7

5 years ago#14
Yeah you don't really need Fast Travel in this game..doesn't take too long to go to most places.
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User Info: Supernautus

5 years ago#15
You don't need fast travel for the relatively small distances you need to walk in this game.

User Info: rizzer

5 years ago#16
imo fast traveling is required for HUGE games with long travel distance like Skyrim. But these tighter, more linear games control the space much differently. granted I am not very far but if what everyone says is true, doesn't seem like fast travel is necessary in this game

User Info: sicko82

5 years ago#17
I think its fine without all those shortcuts, go back to Skyrim where you can fistfight a dragon and win, ya lazy sods.

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