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User Info: xRaymurdax

5 years ago#1
Looking for a new game to play and wanted to know if this is worth the 64 bucks?

User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#2
I've been enjoying it a lot, I'm at the start of Chapter 2 and I think it's worth every penny.
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User Info: megadeth1117

5 years ago#3

I liked the game, but I think if renting is an option for you, go that route. It's a pretty short game (for this genre), took me maybe 12 hours.

User Info: S1CKBOY884

5 years ago#4
megadeth1117 posted...
I liked the game, but I think if renting is an option for you, go that route. It's a pretty short game (for this genre), took me maybe 12 hours.

It's really a game designed for multiple playthroughs. Two at least so you can see both sides of a major decision.

I'd say it's more along the 20-30 hour mark, but there's no ingame clock, so it's hard to say.

Not to say it can't be beaten in 12... but to do a good number of sidequests, see both sides of the stories and experience the harder difficulty levels, you'll get a lot more mileage than that
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User Info: jfmorris

5 years ago#5
I'm betting I'm going to get 40-50 hours out of my first playthrough. I can't fathom anyone tearing through it in 12. And I plan to replay at least a portion of it. I'd say it's definitely worth a buy.

User Info: Ardamin

5 years ago#6

It's a great game, well worth the full asking price. My last playthrough on Dark took me around 40 hours. 


You may be able to beat it in 12 hours if you don't do any of the great side quests, play on easy, and skip through all the dialogue. But if you do that, why would you want to play a game like this at all?

User Info: YiddosRule

5 years ago#7
It's real cheap already brand new in the uk, which I think is a shame. I got 70 hours out of this game with full gs and really enjoyed it. Not the best rpg on the console but a good story driven, albeit linear game.

User Info: weitzgr

5 years ago#8
Virtually every WRPG is worth a buy considering the average SP length of all other genres is about 10 hours whereas a WRPG is around 30. This will take you around 40 hours for the first playthrough if you do all quests and 25ish hours for each subsequent playthrough. Also, two playthroughs are required to experience the full game as the quests\stories differ depending on your choice in ACT 1. I have already hit the 100 hour mark and I am continuing to be entertained. This simply cannot be said of 94% of games.

User Info: JusSumGuy88

5 years ago#9
I honestly think i'm gonna use this game as a standard to judge every other RPG after...so...that being said. I certainly believe it's worth the buy.

User Info: Wiiothetwo

5 years ago#10
I've never played the first.. but I'm around halfway through this game. I'm LOVING it. I know I'll play through again too. I'm also happy to say I bought this new, so that the company who made it got my money. And I'm really glad they did. They gave me a solid game, with no attempts to nickel and dime me for dlc or other bullcrap like that.


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