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Is Dark Armor even worth it?

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  3. Is Dark Armor even worth it?

User Info: SandalFury

5 years ago#1
I didn't even bother with the Act 1 armor, figured I'd save up for Act 2... but all this studded leather, hardened leather, robust cloth, and diamond dust... it can't possibly be worth the time spent farming harpies and calculating how much of X I need to make Y amout of Z, can it? Almost nobody in Vergen even sells this stuff. In combat, I'm either Quen'd or rolling around waiting for vigor to regenerate, so I rarely get hit. I know you need the full set to wield the swords, but are they even that good? This seems completely pointless.

And the armor doesn't even look that cool!
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#2
I never bothered with Dark Armour and I did just fine.
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User Info: T2_Inzzane

5 years ago#3
I made both, Act 1 and 2 (still in Act 2). Grinding Harpies to sell the feathers took me ~40Min. So its not that hard. But need? No I dont think you need them, Quen is all a Witcher needs ;)

User Info: eldanon

5 years ago#4
It's not worth it because the point of Dark Mode is to make the game harder... if you grind for the armor set, you might as well lower the difficulty level if you're not looking for a challenge.

Unless of course you're one of the kids that just loves to see a meaningless gamerscore number click upwards for the dark mode achievement.

User Info: MertensCW

5 years ago#5
Not really, but the Oathbreaker Armor is one of the best looking in the game and worth it for added encumbrance.

Skip the Blasphemer and Kinslayer set, but do go for the 2nd set or just the Armor.
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  3. Is Dark Armor even worth it?

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