chapter 1 questions

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User Info: ravengamer55

5 years ago#1
so im at the crossroads quest. and i was wondering do i get to kill the kingslayer and find triss with both people or is one side finding triss and the other ones the assassin?

i think i spent 20 min last night thinkin about it before i just saved it and turned it off till i found out...

i read the pros and cons. like siding with roche you kill loredo and go to the military camp but siding with the elf you attack the prison barge and either kill loredo or save the woman.. but i was wondering do you still find triss and the assassin with both versions or yeah lol...

does anyone have insight?

User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#2

Assassin? Yes.

Triss? Only with Roche. But she'll live either way.
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