Devils Pit Train Puzzle (EXPLAIN PLEASE!)

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User Info: Dranoon

5 years ago#1
So I couldn't for the life of me figure out this puzzle and ended up having to look it up. Turns out the answer is based off of colours in the Poem you get right before hand.

Now im playing on Hard Difficulty and Hard Puzzle setting so the poem was obscure as all hell. Now i have the answer, but I want to know WHY this is the answer.

The answer is D,E,B,A. Or in other words Grey, Red, Green, Blue. From the poem we get that, Ash = Grey
Fir Trees = Green
Blood = Red

We cant figure out where blue comes from in the poem, or if the poem even has the colours on order.

Here's the Poem,
"Beneath the slate burns wicked ash,
and the children cry for blood

Outside fir trees blow
in a wind that knows not what happened here

or that (Toluca's?) subterranean claws
seek blood, always blood


Somebody please explain the solution! <3
XBL =Dranoon

User Info: genericbadguy

5 years ago#2
Toluca is the lake. Toluca Lake. Water.

(I didn't get it either - I pushed buttons till I got it. In retrospect though I see it.)
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User Info: Dranoon

5 years ago#3
OOOOOOOOoooooooo..... Ya know, Im not sure that im to fond of this puzzle now. Is there a particular spot where "Toluca Lake" is mentioned that im forgetting? It could just be my Canadian ignorance but it seems like something only US residents would get.

Thanks for pointing that out though. All the guides we looked at were just "HEY HERES THE ANSWER IM IN A RUSH TO PUSH CONTENT FOR VIEWS!". Instead of explaining why it's the answer =/

Thank You <3!
XBL =Dranoon

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

5 years ago#4
Toluca Lake is a famous lake in the silent hill game. That's all. you can probaby see it on the map. it's not a real place.

User Info: runyonave

5 years ago#5
I'm Canadian aswell and you don't have to be American to know that Toluca Lake signified blue, well because lake = water = blue.
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User Info: Dranoon

5 years ago#6
Ah Toluca Lake is apparently a district in L.A. Well oh well, I suppose I should have known it from the Series but I was getting frustrated real fast.
XBL =Dranoon

User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#7
The lake is a very famous location in Silent Hill that has been in every game since the first one. Silent Hill is a lakeside town, after all.

In Downpour itself it's mentioned on some of the boards around the area and the mass of water you see at the beginning is the lake.

However, I will admit that puzzle is a stumper on Hard. I also guessed it by accident but understood it later when looking through my files. There's actually another tip, and how I figured it out: The machine makes a different noise I believe when you get some of the combination right. I noticed that and started messing about with it and that's how I accidentally got it was when fooling around to get the different noises.
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User Info: naterkix

5 years ago#8
Tolouca Lake was mentioned in earlier games and played a large significance in Silent Hill 2. I admit that it's not a very fair puzzle for any series newcomers but you only have one of two buttons to choose from if you know the first three so I guess they thought it was a nice callback that could still be solved by any first timers to the series.
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User Info: RyuuHou25

5 years ago#9
Yeah, I didn't get it at all either. I looked for the answer on here and then put it together later. Never even occured to me that the poem would be the clues to it.

Very sneaky indeed.
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User Info: Libs368

5 years ago#10
Uh...mine was A,B,D,C and my poem is completely different. I think I'm playing on normal?

I feel like my poem is even more vague and the answer is certainly a stretch IMO.

"Jutting underneath cerulean sky
Are rocky cliffs where my heart lies

Eyes twinkling with emeralds fair,
My darling left me weeping there.

But her shadow can't take away
These bronze cliffs at end of day."

Some how that means blue green gray orange/brown?
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