safe codes ?

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User Info: rainytiger

5 years ago#1
does someone know the code to the safe when you get from the cave and the other in a house in the town ?

User Info: MetalPanda360

5 years ago#2
rainytiger posted...
does someone know the code to the safe when you get from the cave and the other in a house in the town ?

There really is no hint at all on those safe codes. The only hint I saw but it wasn't right it seems. The car in the parking lot had a 6 digit number plate but that didn't work so WTF is the code then.

User Info: muaythaiguy84

5 years ago#3
yeah, this one is bugging me too. the diner safe was troubling for a second, until someone mentioned to plug in the coffee pot. so far for this safe (the one right after the devil's pit/at the beginning of Silent Hill) there don't seem to be any major clues.

anyone know the code?

User Info: IcarusV2X

5 years ago#4
The footlockers with keypads can be opened a bit later after you collected most of the police records, each record has a key scribbled on it.
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User Info: angel129116

5 years ago#5
annoying much! I thought it might be the car reg for the one right outside Devils Pit but it wasn't!

User Info: nuclearbomb2000

5 years ago#6
For the code in the house, when you plug in the coffee machine, a code appears on the window, 26381

User Info: mystey707

5 years ago#7
The code is 171678 guys! whats in the safe is sweet lol

User Info: Earthbound_X

5 years ago#8
Aren't those safes filled with the preorder items from Gamestop and Amazon?
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User Info: mystey707

5 years ago#9
idk i was givin the code i didnt pre-order it. its a bad ass axe and nail gun

User Info: matob27

5 years ago#10

that "badass axe" broke after i killed like 3 enemies. no thanks


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