Movie theater code isn't working

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User Info: Ayame_ExGoddess

5 years ago#1

So I can't find the last number, but I know what the code is. The problem is the code isn't working on the keypad.

So I want to know where to find that '1'. I know it's on the window of some attic, but I have been all over the lake house and I can't find any way upstairs. The stairs are blocked and I can't find a ladder. I also went outside and scanned all the windows. One of them is boarded up, but it's blank and one of them is just black.

Help please.

User Info: nodoctors

5 years ago#2
Effectively trying to skip right to the end of that sidequest is a great disservice to the game and your time. Seriously.

Now you're supposed to actually find 3 film reels hidden throughout the theatre. The theatre itself is tiny, so you shouldn't have trouble tracking them down. Whenever you put a reel into the film projector, you can actually step into the movie by walking into the movie screen. All 3 reels contain numbers, the third canister reel being the attic reel that has the last number. Do yourself a favor and never try to skip ahead again, I can assure you you will miss out on the point and satisfaction.
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User Info: Ayame_ExGoddess

5 years ago#3
I wasn't trying to skip the end of the quest, I didn't know there was a third reel. I've been in the theater for almost an hour and a half trying to figure out where the last number is.

User Info: TheBrazzersGuy

5 years ago#4
first reel is to the right, on a counter after you enter the theater. the second one is on a chair in the bathroom where the hole in the wall is. the third one is on the storage room near the projector. The first number is on the last door on the first film reel, since its hard to see, its a 9. The second reel, the numbers are very obvious, and the third reel, the number is on the window next to the chest. its quite hard to see at first, but its a 1.
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User Info: kniferun187

5 years ago#5
yes, how dare you try to skip a 3rd of a pointless side quest. the 2 3rds of it you spent an hour and half on. just wont cut it for the experience you will get after finding the 3rd piece.

especially trying to do so on a site that is built through making things easier on gamers.

what kind of person are you?

lol. wow
dude... i am kniferunner...
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