Boogeyman and possibly other story related questions (Spoilers)

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User Info: Gerarddain

5 years ago#1
Ok so I just completed the game and I found myself with quite a few unanswered questions. To that end I thought I would ask them here to see if anyone knows the answers.

1. What is the significance of the Boogeyman? Is he supposed to be the main character? Why is he dressed in that way and wearing a gas mask? He sort of just comes out of nowhere.

2. Given the ending, has the female police officer been seeing the main character as The Boogeyman, outfit and all, the entire time?

3. Who was the little girl you chase in the orphanage / hospital? How does she relate to the main character?

4. What was the deal with The Radio DJ / Postman / Nun? Did they somehow relate to the main characters past? Are they just other random people trapped in Silent Hill? Do they know whats going on the whole time?

5. Why is the room from Silent Hill 4: The Room now located in Silent Hill when they make a point of saying in SH4 that it is not located actually in Silent Hill.

6. In ending B, and possibly A as well, the corrupt cop makes a point of saying that he had to finished Napier off instead of the main character yet we as the Player actually killed him, it was the tutorial after all, so how does that statement actually make any sense? We see the main character kill him because we did it for the tutorial.

Thanks for any answers anyone can provide.

User Info: LuckyLuke2346

5 years ago#2

lol okay well all of this stuff is left to speculation and personal interpretation but here I'll provide my analysis('s).

Oh and read the character bios in the Extras menu,very helpful info there.

1:The Bogeyman doesn't necessarily represent any one person,instead it represents the evil part of a person,the Bogeyman inside all of us.To Murphy the Bogeyman was Napier because of the things he did to his son as well as other children.To Murphy, Napier was the epitome of evil.But Murphy also considered himself a Bogeyman because he felt guilty for what he did to Napier and Coleridge and for not taking care of his son and other things.So when you see the Bogeyman laying on the table,that's why his face switches between Murphy's and Napier's.The 'Nun" helps Murphy accept that he became a monster himself when trying to kill Napier.The Bogeyman was his 'son' born out of his hatred and guilt.And after accepting and conquering that part of himself he gains personal freedom,hence why the key chain had freedom written on it.Now,Anne sees Murphy as a Bogeyman because she believes he killed her father and that he's a monster and all that mumbo jumbo.

2:That's unknown and left purely to personal speculation,but I say no.

3:Most people(myself included) believe that the little girl is Anne.There are a couple of things hinting at this.During the second slide you can see the little girl run across a walkway and right afterwards you see adult Anne run across another walkway.At the end of the Monastery's Otherworld you see the little girl being very close and calm next to the Wheelman who we all know represents Anne's father,Frank Coleridge.Also,the little girl firmly believes that Murphy killed the little boy even though she didn't see Murphy do it,just like how Anne firmly believes Murphy killed her father.Lastly,Anne's love and affection for her father was almost child-like,which is why she was represented as a little girl during those parts.

4:Well, I say Howard and Ricks were once real people but having failed their 'test' in Silent Hill,they remain trapped there.I believe Howard actually enjoys being a part of Silent Hill,because he gets to help and deliver information to people in need and ultimately have them succeed their test even though he failed his own.Now if you read Ricks' bio in the Extras menu it'll say that he had the means to escape but was afraid to make the final push to 'Freedom'(remember his keychain?The one he didn't bother to look for?)and instead called out to other people in Silent Hill to help him.And once 'they' found out that he broke the rules he was whisked away.Ricks' part of the story is very vague and hard to make out but that's the most I can make of it myself.Now I believe the Nun is purely a figment of Murphy's imagination.If you read her bio you'll see that Murphy was raised in an orphanage and was always grateful for all the nuns did for him and the other children.They were the only kind of parents he ever had and that's why it's a Nun that helps him to find himself.

5:lol that's purely a nonsensical little easter egg.Neato.

6:Well actually you never see Murphy kill him.You see him reach for his shank and you hear Napier scream,but you don't see a stab or blood or anything.Although Muprhy did beat the s**t outta him.

Hope this helped and got the "Wheels of Speculation" running in your head !
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User Info: lukezzy

5 years ago#3

4. Could it be that Anne was really a little girl when his father was attacked? quite possibly at a similar age as Charlie? In ending A it seems that Anne spent many years planning to bring Murphy into Silent Hill.

I also remember in Silent Hill 2, James always thought his wife died three years ago but it turned out that he suffocated her himself only one week ago. Could be something similar in Downpour as mentally stressed people tend to mess up the sense of time.

User Info: TylerJ33

5 years ago#4
Luckyluke pretty much nailed it imo. And to the last guys question I think frank was only in a wheelchair for a year to 2 years, so she was definitely not a little girl when it happened. Plus murphy wasn't in prison for that long either

User Info: SerPounceALot

5 years ago#5
@Lukezzy That would mean Murphy is pretty old, which IMO, doesn't look like it.
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