Why is it so short

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User Info: mschf217

7 years ago#1
Wow - talk about a load of crap.
1. maybe 5hrs or less 2. no story what so ever (basically he left - got some coffee - then returned) 3. at most 10 enemies on the screen at 1 time. Dynasty Warriors (another crappy game) at least has lots of enemies.
4. why is it that all these games have you being an errand boy - go here fetch this or that - and then the game **** if you are to slow and keeps complaining constantly. 5. and finally - I am guaranteeing that there is going to be tons of DLC which means instead of $60 for a full story - Lucas is thinking "lets see how many gamers we can bleed dry by not giving a full story. and making everyone shell out $10 to $15 to get another level. Look at the last game to DLC sucked.

User Info: JamieK1981

7 years ago#2
5hrs is standard for a action game.

If you want something long, play a RPG, like Mass Effect.

Also, there is a story, starkiller is looking around different planets looking for info on who he is and looking for Juno.........hmmm, looks like a story to me, maybe you should stop skipping cinematics like an impatient child. :)

It seems like you are looking for a major fighting game....you should try prototype, that has like 20+ enemies to fight, a good game to play after a stressful day at work.

User Info: jeffrey802

7 years ago#3
'different planets' is pretty big stretch mainly because you only go to 2 planets and 1 of them is just a 5 min cutscene >.>"

Ya the story is pretty nonexistent. And why is koda so whiny now.
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User Info: rickmaster1101

7 years ago#4

good thing i only payed 30 dollars for it.

User Info: JamieK1981

7 years ago#5
people are so moany about game length, its quite funny.

play a single RPG and they think ALL games should last as long. lol

User Info: Fezta

7 years ago#6
Whenever anyone mentions game length in a short game someone must always be a dick and say they should go play a RPG. But for $60 there is no excuse for a 5 hour game in ANY genre. 5 hours is the length of an expansion pack, not a full game, and in no way the "standard" length of a action game. Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Castlevania LoS, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, hell even Red Dead Redemption (which was far too short) was much longer then Force Unleashed 2.

User Info: Graeves

7 years ago#7
"5hrs is standard for a action game."

I lol'd. You can tell this to yourself to try and justify your over-priced purchase.

There are no standards for the lenght of a game. You can measure it as long, medium or short perhaps but don't fool yourself into thinking that when other games are of a similar lenght, that it has suddenly become a 'standard' for all developers to charge too much money for too little content.

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User Info: PNB

7 years ago#8

JamieK1981 posted...
people are so moany about game length, its quite funny.

play a single RPG and they think ALL games should last as long. lol

Maybe because they should, or at least half as long

It's beyond me how people can suck up and take this kind of BS, hell even support it.

User Info: Vortimous

7 years ago#9
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User Info: Thoragoros

7 years ago#10

Vortimous posted...

LOL, only payed $30 for mine too... way to shop around... I could have bought two for what you paid... I dont feel bad about paying $30 for this game and its content.... shop around next time or dont bitttttttch

Don't bitttch? In that case, I guess your mother paid for yours, right? Otherwise you'd realize that this was indeed an overpriced game that not only is way too short by 'modern' standards, such as the games the other post mentioned, but it also features a host of very nearly gamebreaking bugs such as random crashes, missing or inaccesable content, and levels that for whatever reason are missing 'triggers' to complete (the missingfusion cannon battery).

So grow up, nobody here is 'bittttching.' They game was a ripoff.

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