Realistic Jedi Combat Mod

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User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#1
--- Realistic Combat Mod v.9a ---

- About this mod: -

This mod changes the combat on the Unleashed difficulty of Force Unleashed 2 to be much faster paced, and less reliant on checkpoints to refill your health. With all the random and unavoidable damage, each level eventually just wears you down until you have to restart at a checkpoint to refill your health. This is terrible game design and not very fun, as it turns what should be a game about running in and destroying things into a hit and run game where you have to hide from your enemies in order to survive even a few rooms at a time. The developers even realized how ridiculous this game play mechanic is and put a check point every other room just to make the game playable. My mod fixes all that. After each battle, your heath refills to full. In exchange, enemies now have a 3x damage modifier and drop only 10% of their health, instead of the 25% that they normally drop.

- Current changes: -

Enemies now have a 3x damage modifier (6x the damage of enemies on Easy difficulty)

Health can now regenerate to full under any circumstances

Enemies now drop 10% of their health instead of 25%

- Possible Future changes: -

Figure out how to get TFU2 to read a recreated directory structure like most games so you don't have to modify the pak files for installation

Alternately, figure out how to get my pak files to override the default pak files so future mods can be released as a single file with no installation instructions

Enemy snipers will kill with one hit (they currently do about 70% of your health per hit)

Some individual enemy damage tweaks (increase the damage of Carbonite robots)

Increase the damage of the Gunship boss and Darth Vader

Completely remove the green enemy health drop animation

Make Mind Trick only control 1 enemy regardless of rank, but each upgrade purchased will decrease casting cost

Lower the regen speed

Raise the time it takes to start health regen

--- Installation ---

1. Open Winrar (administrator mode may be necessary depending on your system settings)

2. Open the pak2.lp file in your Levelpacks directory

3. Navigate to Game\Disc\Runtime\Modifier\

4. Copy the difficulty.modifierlayers.xml file to a safe place (this is only to back up your changes so you can revert this mod at any time)

5. Delete the default difficulty.modifierlayers.xml from pak2.lp

6. Add the difficulty.modifierlayers.xml file from this download to the Game\Disc\Runtime\Modifier\ directory, in place of the file you just deleted

7. Enjoy!

To undo these changes, simply delete the Modded file from the pak, and copy your old difficulty.modifierlayers.xml file back into the pak file.

Download link:
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User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#2
Alternate download link:
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User Info: FoxtheSly

6 years ago#3
Cool, thanks. :)
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User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#4
Consider yourself the first beta tester.

Post back and tell me what you think.
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User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#5
I found a lot of info about force powers and force power usage, but I'm not sure what I want to do with them.

More power? More range? Less meter usage?
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User Info: itahisen

6 years ago#6
wow amazing!! i have a few questions:

- where is the runtime folder?? i enter in the folder disc and there is only 2 folders FMV and Audio

- you could make a mod to avoid change clothes in each level a love to play only with de cato nemodia battle area custome

thanks for the answers.

User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#7
Which part of the directions are you stuck on? Do you have Winrar?
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User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#8
Also I have no idea how clothing changes are coded so I do not now how to modify it in any way at this time.
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User Info: executioner168

6 years ago#9
Is there any chance you can increase the number of storm troopers by maybe x2 or x3?

User Info: Coontemptus

6 years ago#10
Not at the moment, feel free to look through the files yourself and tell me what you find though.

There isn't much interest in TFU2 mods, and since the game is terrible its unlikely that anyone will do any more in depth mods.
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