Mirant the Ghost Boy

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User Info: WeekendRisktake

5 years ago#1
I might as well type these all out...

Mirant is the ghost kid who appears in various towns throughout the game. You first meet him at the large grave marker to the east of of Goronell Castle in Goronell. You need to use the Spiritalk spell every time you meet him in order to communicate.

Next appearance: Babanacia, near the Milk Fountain
This question involves the story of the "The Lion King" It's the first chapter of the Stories section of Magic Master (p. 266 in the print version)

precis: The young prince Tamaro doesn't believe he can be a good king, so he runs away from home. He comes upon a lion and gets eaten. From inside the lion's stomach, he tells the great cat that he is now the king. The new lion king moves into the castle and becomes a good ruler. But not long after, the kingdom is attacked by two dragons, the Dragon of the West (nishi no ryuu) and the Dragon of the East (higashi no ryuu). Using the same logic (?) as before, Tamaro directs the Lion to get himself eaten by the Dragon of the West, who is the greater of the two. They then inform the dragon that IT is now the king. As such, it must go defeat the other dragon.

Hey, it's a fairy tale. It doesn't need to make much sense.

The question: Tamaro, Lion King, Nishi no Ryuu, Higashi no Ryuu, which one is the biggest?
The answer: The Dragon of the West. Nishi no ryuu.

Third Appearance: Bikkini Town, on one of the bridges.
This question involves the Astram language in the back of the book. Look at p. 13 in the book, where there is a picture of a magician. You need to transcribe the Astram symbols into Japanese. Ignore the bit coming out of his mouth, that's just a bit of graffiti. The right message is sewn into his robe.
The answer: saikoukyuu (the highest level of ability)

Fourth Appearance: Douton-mori (Fairy town), in the clearing before you get to Big Mamma.
This time, he's talking about hamburgers.
I'm not sure how to phrase the question in English, but the answer is "the freshest of ingredients": i.e. crispy lettuce (paripari retasu)

Fifth Appearance: Bolg Empire, near the front of the city, overlooking the great avenue.
The question: In the middle of Magic Master (PS3 version p212-3, print version p216-7) is a two-page spread showing the Great War. How many mechanical Imajinns are pictured therein? The chapter on mechanical Imajinn starts on p. 202 in the PS3 version, or p. 206 in the print version.
The answer: There are five mechanical Imajinn pictured therein. The answer is 5. Just the number. Nothing else special about it.

Sixth Appearance: Samura Town, in the Elder's House
The question: Has to do with flowers found in the region.
The answer: Magic Master p. 139. Which item looks most like a flower? Ice Flower. Answer is "aisufurawa-" Don't forget the dash at the end.

Seventh Appearance: Reka Town, inside the Quest Shop
The question: In the section of Magic Master called "Various Regions and Realms" various Astram symbols are used. But there is one that is only used once. What does it designate?
The answer: All the maps use Astram numerals to denote the major areas. Most maps use only four or five of them, but the map of the southern Mid Continent has six. #6 is Mt. Decarock. Type in "dekarokkusan"

Eighth Appearance: Goronell Town, same place as before, after the Ashes event.
The question is written on the tombstone. It's written in Astram, and is annoying to figure out. Let's skip to the answer.
Take the first two runes, Gate and Imajinn. Take the black lines in their stroke orders (as viewable in the book), and combine them. Which spell do you get?
The answer: Rune # 45, Summons. Type in "shoukan"

User Info: WeekendRisktake

5 years ago#2
Ninth Appearance: At the Place of Memories in Mouya.
... Honestly, I hadn't beaten the game before I left for the holidays, so I haven't accessed this bit yet. Anyone else care to field this one?

User Info: Faxanamcommando

5 years ago#3
I want to marry you, thanks A LOT! Platinum Trophy, here I come :p

User Info: TheKingOfPain

5 years ago#4
WeekendRisktaker posted...
Ninth Appearance: At the Place of Memories in Mouya.
... Honestly, I hadn't beaten the game before I left for the holidays, so I haven't accessed this bit yet. Anyone else care to field this one?

Don't be afraid.
Be terrified.

User Info: Viiizu

5 years ago#5
Man you are awesome, thanks a lot really.
I've just a question about how to translate the phonetic Japanese in real Kanjis...do you guys know a good website to do that ?

Thanks in advance

User Info: WeekendRisktake

5 years ago#6
well, what you want is katakana, not kanji.


User Info: Viiizu

5 years ago#7
You rooooock ! thanks again man ^^

User Info: Viiizu

5 years ago#8
Euhhh... I suppose the translations you give in this post are written in Romaji, I'm right ? Cause I found a website for the translation but the result is not matching, that's not the answer Mirant is waiting for...any suggestion on a reliable translation website ?

Thanks in advance

User Info: Dragon Quest 7

Dragon Quest 7
5 years ago#9
Just transform his romaji into kana and it will work.

User Info: WeekendRisktake

5 years ago#10
Remember that the katakana symbols tsu, ya, yu, and yo come in two sizes

so for example, dekarokkusan would be de-ka-ro-(small tsu)-ku-sa-n (small tsu enables double consonants)

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