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User Info: Axel_Daemon

5 years ago#1
I'm gonna recommend this to every soccer mom/family with young kids that I know (which is little but still...)

How many RPGs out there are children friendly?! (Actually Dark Cloud wasn't too bad it was pretty safe, but unfortunately DC 2 has that problem with some kinky clothing)

Just to recap the problem with this game having so little of an impact/hit was because it was released next to another popular game or something right? Or little advertising? Hopefully the release in the US will make up for that.

Actually... is this game child friendly despite its "appearance"?
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User Info: Mint_moogle

5 years ago#2
Yes, it is from what I've seen and read about it but it's also deep enough that older players will enjoy it(both the story and the battle system.)
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User Info: Aoshi_Knives

5 years ago#3
The game can be pretty tough at times I'm not sure if a kid could beat this game to be honest. I was at level 80 and the last boss was still killing me maybe i am just terrible at the game lol.

User Info: WeekendRisktake

5 years ago#4
I beat the boss at around level 65, so for you it may have been an issue of not knowing what all the useful abilities and items did.

User Info: Aoshi_Knives

5 years ago#5
Yep that's probably it because i only ever really focused on 3 imajinn. My japanese reading is pretty low I just know enough to get by and to understand what was going on.

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