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  3. Post your age and if liked / disliked the game!

User Info: Zikrayrus

4 years ago#51
Hmm...16 and is in love with it~

Its kinda because the gaming market seems to be very dark and gritty lately, so I felt it would be a nice breath of air to finally have something more light-hearted being released

User Info: itis41269

4 years ago#52
Im a 27 year old alpha male with a clean healthy coat, and i like this game
"Nanaki is Nanaki"

User Info: TheOneWhoPwnz

4 years ago#53
20 loved it :D
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User Info: Jereith

4 years ago#54
36 and loved every second of it. I pre-ordered the Wizard Edition as soon as it was available. :)

User Info: CPike2003

4 years ago#55
27, will be 28 before the game launches. I'm looking forward to it! I played enough of the demo to get an idea of how it plays, but not enough to ruin anything story-wise. The controls feel superb with nice fluidity, the music is outstanding, and the environments are rich and vibrant!
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User Info: nicodemus82

4 years ago#56
I'm 30 and a huge Ghibli fan and I've also enjoyed most of Level 5's previous titles so I'll be picking this up for sure.

Also, being Welsh, it's just a bonus for me that Drippy has a welsh accent :D

User Info: N119

4 years ago#57
29 also loved the demo and also a fan of anime and storytelling in general can't wait 4 full game

User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

4 years ago#58
I am glad to see a lot of 30 year olds or older for this game, good for you guys. NOt saying anyone younger is bad either.
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Young heroes between the ages of 12-17 make RPG and other video games better then older heroes 18-21 and over.

User Info: FSN_Saber

4 years ago#59
23, I don't like it.
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User Info: SeventhFonist

4 years ago#60
27 and loved the demo.

My 8 year-old daughter also loved the demo. Great way to get her into the RPG-genre.
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  3. Post your age and if liked / disliked the game!

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