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User Info: Altruis

4 years ago#81
36 year old Ghibli fan here! Also, huge fan of jrpg's.

I'm looking forward to this game but not as much as I should be.
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User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#82 level 5 games too many to list.

Of note are dq8 rouge galaxy and dark cloud series.

gibili films this is the first game they have been involved in

User Info: xBerenx

4 years ago#83
This game is perfect for 8yo, 10yo, 20yo, 35 yo, 40yo, 60yo and beyond.

Just not for teenagers because they are too mature and too grown ups!

This game is pure magic i love it :)

User Info: alons1293

4 years ago#84
19 and loved the demo, specially the combat, which seems not alot of people are enjoying... but oh well, Cant wait for release!
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User Info: kisaku

4 years ago#85
I'm almost 40 years old,and I LOVE THIS GAME;you know why? Because in NiNoKuNi I can abandom and lost myself in his wondersul design,have the opportunity to play such a game in english is a dream for all the people who know the diffence from art to crap.
This game is a work of art,in every aspect you look at it,NOT for me only,but for everyone.
I know,.,,,my words is something impossible to understand for almost everyone here.
Old time experienced Rpg players like me adores this game,but the huge mass of "casual gamers" prefer battlefiels,code of duty borderlands and others crap like "games"((it's an insult to call games things like that)).
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User Info: davidvinc

4 years ago#86
I'm 30 and I loved the demo, I've had the wizard's edition preordered for months now! This seems right up my alley, I haven't bought a game in ages now, the last one was Tales of Graces F, I wish they would release more games like this.
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User Info: turkforever6

4 years ago#87
31 and i like, will be getting it for sure.

also i hate disney ad pixar, dont really like dq at all either. i still liked this, despite of it looking very childish, but very lush with detail and colors.

i think if there were still good jrpg's being made like chrono trigger and ff6 for example, i dont think i would be buying this game. im not saying its a bad game, as its probably really good with all the bs coming out nowadays. i just dont think if it had been coming out in the golden era of rpgs, it would not have made any impact at all except for the ghibli part.

good rpgs are rare, so this is a godsend. and just like with music and movies, gaming has turned shyte. so products that were worth a 6 out of 10 in the golden era are now worth an 8 or even a 9 out of 10 in this bs era.

also its not opinion, i do realize good movies, games and music are still being made. but most of it is just mediocre bs or less. for instance movies like transformers can do good by making loads of money. people might even like the movies. it doesnt change the fact that the movies are utter crap though. its pretty for sure, but acting, story, choreograohy etc are all weak and the people who think that these aspects are good have no business talking about it in the first place. even though this is imo, generally speaking people who dont know or understand shyte about a subject should obviously just stfu.

User Info: legend253

4 years ago#88
17, enjoyed the demo. Thinking about asking for the Wizard Edition as a late Christmas gift, but if not, just gonna buy the game day one.
GT: Lord Avon
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User Info: fingwe1

4 years ago#89
27 and waited for a while to play that game! pre ordered at gamestop when they did not have it on computers records lol

User Info: Krichul

4 years ago#90
I've already played it in Japanese so I won't bother with impressions, but my opinion of the demo is that I didn't like the demo, not so much because of the game, but because of the demo itself. It throws you into a boss without any sort of explanation of how things work beforehand, various dialogues have typos in them, and the demo is timed. At that point, I just turned it off.

Really not a good way of marketing the game, and for various reasons this game needs the west's help. But okay. I can't understand their marketing practice.
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  3. Post your age and if liked / disliked the game!

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