IGN Review of Ni No Kuni: 9,4 (Amazing)

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User Info: ZEOPOWER6

4 years ago#101
Again, redefining just what a "game" is is what thatgamecompany wants to do. :/ It's not what you're used to.

User Info: JuanZolo

4 years ago#102
OEIO999 posted...
PFirefly posted...
OEIO999 posted...

I intentionally highlighted the chunk of that paragraph detailing your views on my '90 mins' comment, how much more evidence do I need.

Universally praised by some, while not others. That is how I'm lead to believe due to searche though several different gaming websites. And like I said I got the hipster statement from the reviewers themselves

I went ahead and said in the next statement that I was speaking for gamers in the future, for which I'd like to think I represent. If you and I are not in the same corner, that's fine by me. It's not everyone would be inclined to like the same games as is the case with Journey.

You're right, that is irreverent. But if I can remember correctly I commented how IGN made a poor choice by naming Journey GOTY because as I quoted it's similar to spending '90 mins in an art gallery', but you've yet to argue how Journey represents anything but

I'm done dicussing 90 minutes. You think it was a major part of my response, I say it isn't.

You also don't represent all gamers, which is my point there. Plenty of people don't like Journey which is fine, but plenty and all are two different things. You only represent the section of gamers that don't like Journey.

Though I prefer not to discuss in depth what Journey contributes, since this isn't its board, you seem to require that of me for some reason. This blurb from Jenova's bio on TGC explains better than I could:

"Jenova loves video games and is frustrated to see video games losing their appeal as he and his friends age. While studying in film school about the history of media, Jenova realized that to mature a medium, a wide range of content is required to satisfy audience's various emotional needs. Jenova wants to be part of a movement to expand the range of emotions video games can communicate, and help turn video games into an expressive medium that can be enjoyed by everyone."


Having played all of TGC's games and Jenova's college project "Cloud," I agree with what he's doing and believe that he has suceeded. Emotion and humanity are what Journey contributes to gaming. You may disagree, and in fact you probably will, but you'll find more people who agree with me than with you on that point.

Fair enough. I made the mistake of wording it out in a way that made you think I was speaking for all gamers. And the only thing I had learned from that text was the same thing I had phrased at the beginning of this argument, sure to a greater detail that is. Journey represents a decent aesthetic visual experience, with apparently an emotional ride that gamers were meant to feel. Now as a film or an artistic project, it would seem it manages to reach its goal. But as a PS3 GAME, it's incredibally underwhelming and fails to match to what others games this gen have at least attempted to create (you know those big blockbuster, 10-20+ hour GAMES)

Have you even played Journey?
If the doors of perception were to be cleansed, everything would appear as it truly is-Infinite.

User Info: PirateMoe

4 years ago#103
Haven't been keeping up with this thread but it appears to be about Journey.

Best game ever.

Just putting that all on the table.

User Info: Lordcrabfood

4 years ago#104
skp_16 posted...
Lordcrabfood posted...
It would of been great if not for that horrible battle system.

The battle system of this game is one of the best I've seen.

One of the worst I have seen

User Info: somasworld

4 years ago#105
wow...i say wow :)

User Info: URAlsr

4 years ago#106
VanilleHopen posted...
the only people who dont say xenoblade is the best jrpg this gen are the ones that have either

a)Played ffxiii
b)dont have a wii
c)couldn't find it..

i like FFXIII & XIII-2
Have a wii
Have xenoblade and enjoyed it.
xenoblade is not the best jrpg this gen. Valkyria is the best to me.
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