Bye bye WE preorder?

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User Info: brianrpgfan

4 years ago#11
yeah it's not right using someone's credit card or any personal stuff without his or her consent! In your situation, hopefully you can calmly talk to her and tell her you will never do that again or use her thing without permission and will not lose her Trust the most important in friendship or relationship! Lastly tell her this is a very special jewel collectible Japanese animation set and will cost way more to buy later on Ebay or Amazon!

User Info: zeik56

4 years ago#12
If you knew about it last night you should have asked then.

Hopefully things will work out, but she honestly has every right to be mad.
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User Info: littlecletus

4 years ago#13
Eternal_Dream21 posted...
docman864 posted...
if i had a wife/gf, i wouldn't use her card w/o permission. my bro used my card and i was pissed for awhile. it's always best to ask for permission.

Yes, I know, but I didn't have a choice. I usually buy prepaid credit cards to buy stuff online, but I learned about the restocking last night at like 10 PM, so stores were closed. I also had class this morning from 8AM EST to 1PM EST, I left 10 minutes earlier to use a computer at school to nag a preorder. In any other situation, I wouldn't have used it without permission.

You didn't have a choice?
That is hilarious.

And you knew about it last night at 10 and put in your order around 1 PM today.
And those 15 hours did not give you enough time to ask your girlfriend if you could use her card?

And the best part're pissed off.
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User Info: brianrpgfan

4 years ago#14
Mistake or bad decision do happen at time ( nobody is perfect), hopefully you don't lose her trust again and maybe she will forgive you?
zeik56 posted...
If you knew about it last night you should have asked then.

Hopefully things will work out, but she honestly has every right to be mad.

Can you believe it? The popularity of Ni No Kuni is destroying lives and families. I don't know whether I should be crying or smiling!
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User Info: littlecletus

4 years ago#16
White_Knight13 posted...
You stole her credit card to buy a toy? Ugh. What an idiot. Are you always like this? If so, idk how you've been together that long.


Also...the baby. Only reason she is sticking around.

Havin' a tea Partay drinkin' mah Teeea!

User Info: Storm83

4 years ago#17
^ LOL riight? On a what you are saying is you took the card either last night or this morning and went to school with it. So you basically did not even ask her when you had plenty of time to and this was premeditated. Seriously though just tell her you understand and you will never do it again. Also dont say it, mean it.

User Info: docman864

4 years ago#18
excuses are just excuses. I would worry about how to make up with your gf. say sorry that you will never do such a thing w/o first asking for permission. I understand your desperation, but still....

don't even reconsider buying this off of ebay at higher price. You can live w/o it and you want to tell yourself that you've learned a lesson from this not because you missed out on it, but because you did something w/o asking.
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User Info: Haru_Haruhi

4 years ago#19
Oh jeez, I'd be pretty damn angry too. Why don't you go to her, admit that you did something incredibly moronic, apologize, and use that cash to take her to a nice restaurant. Own up to your mistakes.
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User Info: DarkSoldierX99

4 years ago#20
To all the haters and apparent saints who never do anything wrong, all your rude comments come across as "ha ha I have the WE and you don't all I want to do is rub your face in it while I hide behind my keyboard." I expect this kind of personal attack on the CoD forums, but this is by fellow hardcore jrpg collecters, what a sad day and age we live in. Honestly you mean to tell me that not one of you "angels" wouldn't have tried to do what he did? I would have no hesitation and I would know that there is a level of trust and understanding between me and THE MOTHER OF MY CHILD that I could borrow $100 for what like 2 hours.
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