Bye bye WE preorder?

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User Info: Eternal_Dream21

4 years ago#51
Storm83 posted...
She actually went and cancelled it!? If so sorry to hear that )= You sound like you do a lot for her, bills etc. Sorry to hear that. If she did I hope you find it again in the very near future and get one.

I do do a lot for her. She also has two children from a past relationship (she's older than me by eight years) and I take care of them as if they were mine. I help out as much as I can with the house, too.

She called Visa, but they told her to call Namco, unless she wanted to call the cops and treat the case as if her card was stolen, but she doesn't want to go that far. I made some research though, and I've read that Namco doesn't accept order cancellation if the payment has already been made and I've done so, since I have paid by Paypal. It might be that she has to go with it in that case, so we'll see.

User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#52
As a married guy with a kid who doesn't own a credit card and uses wife's when needed, I can relate to this.

I use my wife's card to buy stuff off PSN. I always tell her before I use her card for my gaming needs. Note I use the word "tell", not "ask". It is not about spending without telling her, but to spare her the shock when she gets notification on her smartphone. But she would never get angry or ask me to cancel purchase if I were to use it without telling her. In fact she has told me to use it so, as long as I inform her when statement comes along.

I'd say, for health of relationship, don't hold it against her for long, but try to figure out why she reacted way she did. Maybe she had some payment due that she was gonna pay by card and your purchase just bumped it over the limit? Or maybe she's really behind on her card payments and been trying to cut down on card usage?

Her reaction is perfectly natural. If you offered money, then maybe it is not about money, but trust. Which means need some kinks in your relationship to be ironed out.
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User Info: brianrpgfan

4 years ago#53
Eternal_Dream21, Good Luck then and hope in the end it will somehow work out for you!

User Info: Spyderbot2

4 years ago#54
Question...if you had done the same thing and bought her a diamond instead of buying yourself a video game, would she still have been mad even if you had the cash in hand to give her?

If the answer is "yes", then you need to leave that nutjob in the dust. If the answer is "no", then you need to leave that *hypocrite* in the dust.

Hope you get what I'm saying. :-)
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User Info: BIGFELLAH26

4 years ago#55
littlecletus posted...
White_Knight13 posted...
You stole her credit card to buy a toy? Ugh. What an idiot. Are you always like this? If so, idk how you've been together that long.


Also...the baby. Only reason she is sticking around.


Quit acting like a dimwit. What's that you say? you're not acting, you actually are a dimwit? oh dear...... I'm so sorry.
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User Info: PK_Gaming

4 years ago#56
she sounds like a close-minded person

i don't think i'd be able to last in a relationship with someone like her
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User Info: awesomephatman

4 years ago#57
Mr_Genocide posted...
I think you guys are being a little too hard on him...There's no need for that. IMO (remember, IMO) When you're in a relationship with someone for that long and on good terms with each other, there's things that you should let your partner do that NOBODY else should be allowed to do.

I guess it would also help if she was a gamer herself, she'd be able to understand the situation better.

I have done this exact same thing in the past more than once and my gf definitely did not react like that and instead got all excited about the CE extras (She is an aspiring character designer so she LOVES those art books, figures and other goodies). There was even a time where she only took half the cash I gave her as long as she gets to keep the art book lol.

With that said, I'd allow her do the same if she found herself in the same situation. There's really nothing wrong with it.

There's obviously nothing wrong with it if both parties agree to that. But this situation is not your situation, stop looking at your own experiences that don't apply or help the TC.
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User Info: Eternal_Dream21

4 years ago#58
Looks like she calmed down a bit this morning. I told her Namco doesn't accept cancellations once they have received payment. Now, she says she'll be keeping the game to sell it in a year or two, since I told her it would be worth much more down the road... Just got to find a way to put my hands on it.

User Info: Tiael

4 years ago#59
Is this topic serious?

It's too early for this.
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User Info: Vithar

4 years ago#60
wow put on your pants and tell her to **** off. If she doesn't approve of your hobbies than she doesn't love you, GTFO
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