Bye bye WE preorder?

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User Info: dukedevlin

4 years ago#71
Eternal_Dream21 posted...
docman864 posted...
if i had a wife/gf, i wouldn't use her card w/o permission. my bro used my card and i was pissed for awhile. it's always best to ask for permission.

Yes, I know, but I didn't have a choice. I usually buy prepaid credit cards to buy stuff online, but I learned about the restocking last night at like 10 PM, so stores were closed. I also had class this morning from 8AM EST to 1PM EST, I left 10 minutes earlier to use a computer at school to nag a preorder. In any other situation, I wouldn't have used it without permission.

You want to hear my sad tale?

I just reserved my WE today. Still got one 100% on release.

Wait, thats no sad tale at all.

Oh well, sux2BU

User Info: dukedevlin

4 years ago#72
flashfactor7 posted...
Yea dude there is no way she would be keeping my stuff.

I would give her the money and tell her stfu.

No way she would be keeping it to sell LOL

"Your" Stuff? You mean the stuff he bought using HER money, making it HER property?
You aint gonna do crap about it. If you do, she'd just go to the police, slap you with CC fraud, and theft.

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