So...WHEN did you hear about Ni No Kuni?

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  3. So...WHEN did you hear about Ni No Kuni?

User Info: maxinfire

4 years ago#21
The day the DS teaser came out.

User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#22
archizzy posted...
A few years ago. It always sort of surprises me so many people are like "I never knew about this until just recently!"

I mean I understand if they don't really ever go to gaming sites or read any magazines or talk to any other gamers that are interested in the genre.

Other than that it is hard not to know about at least the titles that get announced as being released in the West. I usually know about them before then and follow them but occasionally one slips by until I hear about a Western release.

I'm sure the same thing will happen with Toki To Towa and people will be like "I just found out about this"

Gaming my number one hobby on the planet. I play everything for almost every genre on every console and handheld dating back to Atari(except for PC gaming; just never could get into it no matter how hard I try), and I never heard of this game until a couple weeks ago because of topics on Gamefaqs. Surprised me seeing it as Amazons number 1 game for sales when I preordered a few days ago. Not sure how I let this one under my radar. :)
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  3. So...WHEN did you hear about Ni No Kuni?

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