Gamestop not carrying a lot non preordered

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User Info: ManjiMidou

4 years ago#111
Tc go &*^*^( yourself
He is Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Sausages.

User Info: Izzyneace

4 years ago#112
CynicalGamer1 posted...
I never preorder unless it gives me a good incentive to. A dull steel case that will take up more room is not a good enough reason. So I went to gamestop to pick up a copy and the manager who i know pretty well said they only got 2 copies in for non preorders and they sold them already.

Long story short..having friends within gamestop is very beneficial as I got him to let me buy someones preordered copy. Basically he can always just tell them that there was a problem with shipment and it will come in soon. Sounds jerkish but we do this thing a lot...hes let me take online codes/passes from new copies for used games i bought. point was..if you didnt preorder...well i wish you luck. Oh and the store I go to does very good business so its likely most other gamestops will have low quantities too.

That manager should be fired.

User Info: ZEOPOWER6

4 years ago#113
vgsrule posted...
If the TC is serious, **** you.

If he's trolling, I don't understand the point of making everyone hate him.

I'd guess he's serious. It's to be expected, really. :/

User Info: Bear_in_Action

4 years ago#114
LightHawKnight posted...
taskun_34 posted...
Hope your manager gets fired for that, as it's against Gamestop policy to even do that kind of s***

It not actually. If someone walks in before the person who preordered, they can sell it to them. If they are dicks. And knowing GS employees, a lot of them are.

It is, well, at least in Canada. I work at EBGames, we cannot sell pre-orders prior to 48 hours within release, no matter how much one person begs for it.

However, once it's past 48 hours, we can sell the pre-ordered copies if they don't come to pick it up (unless specified otherwise). This is written clearly on the receipts. If they come later and their copy is sold, they either get their deposit back, or be the first on the waiting list when the next shipment comes in.

In our store (I don't know about other stores), for games we know that will become super rare later on, we secretly hold stock for pre-ordered people for a week.

I really like my manager, as she has principles. I would not want to work for someone like TC's "friend".

User Info: dmbrandonn

4 years ago#115
Preorders are held for 48 hours, and you're notified. That kid can hold that, im like 90% done with the game. If you wanted to play it, you'd be playing.
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