Gamestop not carrying a lot non preordered

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User Info: PapalPenile

4 years ago#81
I just picked this up this morning, I was worried they would not have a copy, or just a already opened shelf copy- but to my surprise they had about 40 sealed behind the counter. I hope it sells!

User Info: blubaga

4 years ago#82

Onimusha HD trilogy, make it happen Capcom.

User Info: uzimaki557

4 years ago#83
uzimaki557 posted...
I suspect the TC/OP story was true up to the point where they did not pre order or get a copy. The lie is everything else. OP u have no friends or connections at GS and you don't have a copy of the game either.

Also ur still a big fat phony XD

User Info: Scrubs123

4 years ago#84
I'm starting to understand the idea of setting aside your morals for your own personal pleasure TC. Like if I was talking to you face to face right now, I would set aside my morals and kick you in the balls for my personal pleasure.

User Info: Doimonkey

4 years ago#85
The manager should be fired and you should get a spanking.

User Info: Superrpgman

4 years ago#86
It always amazes me when I hear these stories. Well, not so much the stories as much as the reactions.

It's like people don't realize how non existent the concern is for their customers.

Once they have your money or your property, you're dead to them. They literally could not receive any more copies, and just dick around with the guy forever, because they know that they can probably do so, and just offer him store credit if they actually do fear legal trouble.

Again, they do it because they can, and enough people let them.

They're no gonna fire the guy. If anything, they'll commend him for exploiting a loophole.
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User Info: PK_Gaming

4 years ago#87
You sound like a greedy, heartless sociopath.

I think it's funny how you assume we'd do the same thing. Hate to break it to you TC, only a lowlife would steal a pre-order from someone and indulge in nepotism.
I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care.
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User Info: locutus442

4 years ago#88
CynicalGamer1 posted...
Now my next question is...the strategy guide dlc. is it a code in the guide? i may ask my buddy if I can open a guide and take the dlc code out as I dont want to spend 40$ for a guide.

if you do that, it is STEALING in every definition of he word.

and yes, your ps3 should ylod (you deserve it) and your friend should be fired immediately.
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User Info: Dragonswkap

4 years ago#89
I can attest to this, i went there. only 1 that was not pre-ordered and it was the gutted copy (the one they take the items out for a display case) so I grabbed that one. I don't mind that it was gutted, disc was fine and everything.

Now I'm waiting for my friend to get here so I can start playing!

10 more minutes or so! I already installed it and everythin.
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User Info: uzimaki557

4 years ago#90
Let reiterate that your a big fat phony. Now go back under your bridge troll, or we get out the fire magics.
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