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User Info: great_gaming

4 years ago#21
Cancel all of your preorders in the store it hurts them more than you might think.
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User Info: madmofo145

4 years ago#22
While I can't speak to the validity of this claim, Gamestop does have some problems. I still go there on occasion (there is one local one with a semi competent staff that I don't mind) but I nearly lost it once when going to pick up a pre-order of Shadow Hearts 2 years back, only to have them attempt to hand me the already opened shelf copy, saying it was the last in stock, and without the bonus of course (which was a copy of Shadow Hearts 1). After some slightly heated discussion and many calls to other stores, my copy of both mysteriously showed up and I walked out with everything owed. Ever since I've been very weary of Gamestop, and primarily try to shop Amazon, but occasionally Gamestop still has the best bonus, or something like Xenoblade is released, and I am forced to rely on them.

User Info: Synthetic_CK

4 years ago#23
Mindwipe77 posted...
Alltra posted...
You know, for all the complaints and {Bleeping} that goes on about Gamestop, you'd think people would get the hint and stop shopping there, and go someplace that has better Customer Service.

But...no....they'd rather keep being sheeple and going back and eating out of the hand that beats them.

this, i see so many gs haters on gamefaqs then i see these same ppl making "going to gamestop at midnight, picking up pre-order topics" the next week lol. sad

I don't usually play devil's advocate but what you're seeing on the boards are a small but vocal minority. I've been using EB Games (Gamestop) for years and have never had a problem. I'd agree that it may be in specific regions, but still.
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User Info: Munkie742

4 years ago#24
Alright when it comes to pre-orders they cannot pre-order more copies then they will receive most of the time, the computer won't let them. So it's rare for them to pre-order more copies then they get. Also for at least 48 hours, usually more on CE, they can't sell pre-ordered copies. They have to set their pre-ordered copies aside, separate from the extra copies they can sell. SOOO unless they had more pre-orders than copies received I would request the Distract Managers number and complain. At the very least they will get you a steelbook copy transferred to that store for you and hopefully fix the managers issue with selling pre-orders.
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