To those who received the cancellation due to overselling email

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User Info: Nerdforlife91

4 years ago#31
Yeah, I didn't get that one...

Ah well, nuts to that whole thing.
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User Info: MelvinSmiley

4 years ago#32
I got the email as well, My order still says "In Process" but I get nothing from the UPS thing.

Anyone who has called them have any good news for us?

I'm from Australia so I'm not even sure if I can call them.
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User Info: oArctic

4 years ago#33
Alright, I have an answer. Both myself and a friend called using his information and he finally got through to a supervisor. Basically, he ended up talking to a supervisor and replacing his order. He handed over his password and credit card information which seemed sketchy, but they already had it anyway. He got an email with a new order, and is waiting for more information.
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User Info: SoopaSte123

4 years ago#34
Procyan posted...
I received a cancelled email, yet was told to disregard it, but my order number comes up with nothing with UPS. I'm calling them again to see if they corroborate what I was originally told.

Well that gives me a little hope, then. Though why do I have the feeling that it IS cancelled but they won't tell me for another 2 days so I'll have to wait even longer till I get the game.

User Info: LostFury

4 years ago#35
Procyan posted...
I just got off the phone with a rep who basically told me to disregard that email. According to him, my order is still okay for now, and I'm still expected to receive shipping information shortly. At this point I'm calling BS on this whole situation and how horrendously it has happened, but has anyone else who got this email called and gotten the same information?

I too called earlier this evening saying that my order was okay only to have the cancel email sent a couple hours later.

After waiting for 10 mins on the phone they told me to disregard the email and that my order was safe and that shipping info would be released soon.

I'm not getting my hopes up though.

User Info: Jikal

4 years ago#36
From: SoopaSte123 | #026
Are any of you who got the email able to track your package on UPS? Cuz mine won't show up, nor have I gotten a "shipped" email, so I'm wondering if only some of those overselling emails were accidents and mine wasn't.

I'm still not able to track mine either. I'm betting it really was cancelled, so lame.

They should have made sure they shipped the game by release date, so people screwed over by this **** wouldn't have a hard time finding a copy of the standard edition.
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User Info: Garp_fist

4 years ago#37
Just talked to them, they said my order was still go.
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User Info: rumbalumba

4 years ago#38
^they're just Customer Service Reps. they're just telling you what they see on their systems. my orders still say "Order in Process" on the Namco website.

User Info: Spykr_Magio

4 years ago#39
I been on hold for the past 20 mins.

User Info: Storm83

4 years ago#40
He had to of lied....

I just called, talked to the manager "ronnie" a female. She said sorry 100 times and said we get a $20 coupon in the email. I told her no. I dont want that. I want my order i placed at 12:58. She said sorry there is zero stock left, zero. I am so mad right now. Seriously how do we get this resolved? How do we raise it and escalate it? I am not going to stop now. Its the principle. I ordered at 12:58, i have the timestamp on my email. Im so heated right now...
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