Is this RPG the best RPG you played on the PS 3, Xbox 360, or Wii?

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  3. Is this RPG the best RPG you played on the PS 3, Xbox 360, or Wii?

User Info: Theclub83

4 years ago#11
I fully count demons souls and dark souls as RPGs and they are they best games ive played this gen,

to me an RPG has little to do with the battle system and more to do with emersion and story (thats right the story and lore in the souls games are fantastic if you look for it)

User Info: KingKobe08

4 years ago#12
It's up there

User Info: SkriblZz

4 years ago#13
I think Tales of Vesperia won that for me. 144 hours into it, still did not do everything, and that cast of characters, that was a good cast. I luff dat game. :3
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User Info: LLL_Deadly

4 years ago#14
This is the 2nd best.

#1 is still Tales of Vesperia PS3.
Wind Waker is one of the greatest games ever made. Hoping the HD Remake does it justice.

User Info: CLupula

4 years ago#15
No. It's in the top three, behind Valkyria Chronicles and Tales of Graces F and before Resonance of Fate.

User Info: Dark Gunner

Dark Gunner
4 years ago#16
Easily top 5, though like others have said, so long as Xenoblade exists...

Dark Souls and Demons Souls are great, but I have a hard time calling them JRPG's, even though they technically are, they don't feel it as much. Valkyria Chronicles, is more of a strategy game then a traditional RPG..... despite that though all 3 of those are on the list as well just because i love them so hard.
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User Info: puppy

4 years ago#17
Xenoblade blew me away. It made my top 5 RPGs of all time, and if it wasn't for nostalgia, it would probably be top 3.

I'm getting those same giddy moments from this game however, and I just reached the volcano. This game's battle system has so much depth, I love it.
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User Info: Zetgob

4 years ago#18
No. It's a fun game, but it has failed pretty hard for me in the story/characters department, which is my main draw for RPGs. Gameplay takes awhile to pick up, but the boss battles can be fun. The main draw however is probably just the art/music/overall quality and commitment to building the world Level 5 put in.

I wouldn't even put it in my top 10 for RPGs this generation, maybe top 10 console JRPGs(definitely wouldn't make it if you count handhelds), but it'd probably be in the back of the list if it did make it.

User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#19
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User Info: liltagg

4 years ago#20
Nah, I have a fair amount of things to nitpick over this game. Definitely one of the most gorgeous though.
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  3. Is this RPG the best RPG you played on the PS 3, Xbox 360, or Wii?

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