Officially WE Canccellation

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User Info: aycue1

4 years ago#1
Well guess it woudl happen sooner or later, got the official cancellatiion email that my order was cancelled just now.

Dear (My Name),

Thank you for ordering from Namco Bandai Games America. At your request or at the request of the fulfiller and/or manufacturer, the following was cancelled from your order:

Product Name Qty Ordered Reason for Cancellation
SOLD OUT! N 1 Other

Order Date: January 17, 2013

User Info: Thelibra1012

4 years ago#2
me too........

User Info: MagiKor

4 years ago#3
I like that they literally just copy/pasted "SOLD OUT" and didn't bother deleting the N from the title....
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User Info: the_great_tidus

4 years ago#4
that's horrible I feel bad that alot of people got screwed. I ordered on august 28th 2012 and still i'm getting mine. What day did you guys order yours. I heard somebody ordered in july and got cancelled. Digital River is garbage and after I get mine i'm going to send many complaints.
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User Info: aycue1

4 years ago#5
I also like how they didnt even bother responding to one of my emails asking if those cancellation emails were really legit when i first got it. They send me this instead of responding. Funny thing also is the stupid coupon they gave me, i tried using it to preorder the WE that SOMEHOW came out again yesterday, wouldnt give me my discount. Didnt even bother preordering again just out of respect for people who didnt get theres and ordered when it was first available.

User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#6
Same here.

I had some little nugget of hope that it would come through as other users reported having shipped emails after the cancel notice from last night.

Also some people got shipping notices who ordered through the link that was up yesterday for a bit.

So I remained hopeful, but skeptical.

Sadly I just got the same notice.
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User Info: Procyan

4 years ago#7
Check your banks. I just received my official cancellation notice, checked my bank to see if money had been refunded yet, but apparently I now have a second charge, of the exact same amount as my original order, labeled "USAA Authorization". The saga continues..
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User Info: Ep1taph303

4 years ago#8
# firstworldproblems
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User Info: BassXX

4 years ago#9
same here...HOWEVER, when I checked my bank I got reimbursed twice. I ended up getting 117.87 two times!!! So take that Digital Rivers hahaha
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User Info: flashfactor7

4 years ago#10
Same thing here.

Haven't gotten my money back

Paypal a bit slow?

lol anyway namco I hope you don't try anymore LE stuff cause I will stalk your boards and trash talk it to the day it is not delivered and cancelled for everyone..
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