What was your first RPG?

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User Info: Zmapper33

4 years ago#361

User Info: FedEx_Corp

4 years ago#362
Zelda on the NES.
Didn't even know what RPG was back then until FF3 came out on the SNES.
Always thought it was just an adventure game with a better story.

User Info: KrazytigerEX

4 years ago#363
JRPG posted...
Phantasy Star IV, Shining Force 2, Lufia 2 and Secret of Mana.

All of these still are classics :)

Phantasy Star IV timeless classic

User Info: Defensor24

4 years ago#364
Dragon Warrior 3, 1, 2, and 4 in that order.

I was too young when I got dragon warrior 1 (Nintendo power subscription) to understand it but later I got dragon warrior 3 and I loved it so went back and tried 1 again. Good times.

User Info: Qhaos86

4 years ago#365
Final Fantasy 8 imediatley followed by Legend of Dragoon which is still my favorite rpg of all time.

User Info: RedFive

4 years ago#366
Tabletop - D&D
computer - Ultima

Yes. I'm old.
And here's something else you forgot to factor in - we're not that drunk.

User Info: aznchaos3

4 years ago#367
Final Fantasy III (VI) SNES, then Pokemon blue (if that counts) and Super Mario RPG

User Info: Hyrulexplorer

4 years ago#368
I'm pretty sure that my first RPG was Quest 64. I have been playing since the NES days, and loved the Zelda series, but I don't really count them. So yes, Quest 64.

And since I didn't have another game to compare it too then, and I'm still kind of an open-minded guy, I liked it then and I like it now. It's not unplayable, it's just bare-bones and not very complex compared to... almost any other RPG. So I'm probably one of 20 people on the site who likes the game.
"Ironically, the word mature when applied to games tends to have a very childish connotation." -Erik J. Caponi of Bethesda Softworks

User Info: Neptunethe23rd

4 years ago#369
The original Phantasy Star was my first RPG. (On Sega Master System.)
"He became a saint without a God, every word a blasphemy." Frank Herbert

User Info: ajmrowland1

4 years ago#370
first RPG was Pokemon, but I never really got into hardcore gaming until Kingdom Hearts.

Both hold special places in my hearts. After that it all went to the likes of Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, and the like.

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