What was your first RPG?

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User Info: Gildarts002

4 years ago#371
when I was younger, I just watched my brother play a lot on the Ps1 and he would occasionally hand me the controller.

First rpg i played and beat on my own was Thousand Arms. I really enjoyed its fantastic dialogue and VA. It's also very funny. Did anyone play this too?

User Info: OmegaDL50

4 years ago#372
The first RPG I ever played was Dragon Warrior on the NES. At the time I didn't know what to do.

It was until Phantasy Star IV, Final Fantasy 6 (III on the SNES at the time), and Chrono Trigger did I really start to enjoy the genre and understand the combat mechanics.
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User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#373
Mine was Poke'mon. First one on consoles was Final Fantasy 8 on PS1.

User Info: Meikunot

4 years ago#374
DJGard posted...
Yeah I loved my good old C64 - had so many games for that there are probably loads of RPGs that I had but can no longer remember - not even going to count the old read'n'type adventures from the early PCs either (mainly 'cos I can not remember any of their names) as I am not sure they are what most would class as RPGs.

I held on to the C64 for ages and skipped the NES/Master system era so had to play all those early RPGs on the emulators much later.

I loved that C64 as well. I can't recall the names of the games I had (but I know some of them were really bad) or other games I played on other older PCs. I skipped the entire Sega console line but stayed into Nintendo (but still played very few RPGs that weren't Zelda-ish).

I have many oldies to play through goodoldgames and emulators. I still have yet to play some of the other Gold Box games - how many did you get a chance to try out if I may ask?

What I can't remember is the first turn-based RPG I played.

User Info: AuRoN2500

4 years ago#375
First ever? Final Fantasy VI.

I still remember to this day I had to get help from my brother with Sabin's input command when fighting Vargas.. haha at age 5 i just kept pressing the buttons!!

User Info: auronrenouille

4 years ago#376
First RPG for me? The first Dragon Warrior, although now I'm more of a Final Fantasy person, though I still do love the DW/Q series.

Man, I was so young when it came out, comparatively. I guess only third grade or so.
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User Info: danl0134

4 years ago#377
Either Final Fantasy Legend or Dragon Warrior 1. Can't remember. The first time I got obsessed with an RPG was with Earthbound though.
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User Info: Kamil

4 years ago#378
danl0134 posted...
Either Final Fantasy Legend or Dragon Warrior 1. Can't remember. The first time I got obsessed with an RPG was with Earthbound though.

+1 for Earthbound mention. I made friends back then who hated RPGs fans of that game.
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User Info: AnimeDrew

4 years ago#379
Original Phantasy Star for the Sega Master system. I was always afraid to advance in the dungeons they scared me when i was little haha!

User Info: Trey1death

4 years ago#380
It was an NES game. I'm just not sure if it was Dragon Warrior, Ultima, or Final Fantasy
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