What was your first RPG?

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User Info: LazyKenny

4 years ago#391
It was either Super Mario RPG or Shining Force 2
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User Info: Kamil

4 years ago#392
Wait people like Quest 64? O_O hehe then again there are probably people on this site who like Superman 64 un ironically.
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User Info: johnbleu

4 years ago#393
The original NES Final Fantasy for me. But I was only 5 and didn't know I had to equip things I bought, so I couldn't make it past Garland on my own.
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User Info: Thanatos2k

4 years ago#394
Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo.

User Info: thebluick

4 years ago#395
Final Fantasy II for SNES (Final Fantasy IV). Was introduced to it at a friends house, never looked back.

User Info: goofy23

4 years ago#396
Final fantasy on the nes.

User Info: Kirutaru

4 years ago#397
Final Fantasy (NES)
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User Info: Hyrulexplorer

4 years ago#398
Zelda wasn't and isn't an RPG anyway. The entire series is an Action Adventure game.

Yes, I agree. However, there are some people out there who do consider it an RPG, or at least has elements of it, and so I included that part to cover my bases.

Wait people like Quest 64? O_O hehe then again there are probably people on this site who like Superman 64 un ironically.

Quest 64 is nowhere near the level of Superman 64. Superman is nearly unplayable in terms of controls, what you're expected to do with them, and just had bad design pretty much overall. Sure, Superman flies through the city and occasionally saves people by picking up cars or fighting enemy tanks or drones, but it really just does not play well nor feel like a Superman game, I'm betting. The levels are disjointed, and hard to see with all the fog on the exteriors or draw distances in the interiors.

Quest 64 is not a perfect game, or even a great one. The story is minimal, the inventory is clunky and tedious, it is easy to get lost if you don't notice the camera's behavior after battle, and it is pretty much very linear with no puzzle solving in the dungeons or anywhere, really. But it IS playable.

The controls work fine; Brian's movements can be paced and it only takes a bit of learning to aim spells during combat. The camera angles itself well, and can be manually readjusted at your whim. There is progression that can be measured, all the spells work properly, it has a varying degree of replayability, and can be reasonably beaten without being glitchy or downright unfair. It has a variety of environments, a good number of unique looking enemies, a decent soundtrack, and incentives to explore. Everything works. Nothing is astounding, but it all works. It can be fun, and the battle system is unique.

Bad games are ones like Big Rigs, Superman 64, and Sonic 2006. For all its flaws, Quest 64 should not be lumped into the same category as them.
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User Info: HelIWithoutSin

4 years ago#399
Mine was either Phantasie II, The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight, or Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. I'm pretty sure my first console RPG was Dragon Warrior.

User Info: Vice and Mature

Vice and Mature
4 years ago#400
Final Fantasy IV on the SNES for first RPG.

The first RPG I actually cleared was Super Mario RPG.
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