What was your first RPG?

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User Info: DivineCrawd2000

4 years ago#421
I'll be honest, Final Fantasy VII.
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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#422
So many old school gamers here :3
Wow really
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User Info: Naesaki

4 years ago#423
Grandia PSOne version

Oh so many memories with that game

User Info: GameGuy777

4 years ago#424
Pokemon Blue.

User Info: mhayes86

4 years ago#425
RPG elements: Zelda 1 & 2.
First actual RPG: Dragon Warrior on NES. I only recall not having a damn clue how to do anything since I was really young at the time.
First RPG played through entirely: Super Mario RPG, and I credit it as being what got me into the genre.

User Info: SobaNoodles

4 years ago#426
Morrowind. First JRPG was Final Fantasy X.

User Info: Monistic_Turtle

4 years ago#427
yup, FF7. Still love that game. Someone on the first page mentioned that they thought the game was over after the motorcycle scene. I thought the same thing! I had never played an rpg before and when I discovered there was a whole world map I was blown away.
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User Info: Dragonswkap

4 years ago#428
Super Mario RPG was the first.

Final Fantasy VII was the second.
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User Info: Ginol_Enam

4 years ago#429
Depends on how you want to count it. My real "first" was probably one of the Phantasy Stars and/or a Shining game. I had the Sega Channel on the Genesis, so I played a lot of stuff I wasn't very familiar with. The only reason I remember now what they were called is because I recognized them discovering them later. I didn't even know they were were referred to as RPGs, or what that acronym stood for.

Anyway, you couldn't save on Sega Channel, so I never got very far. The first time I heard what "that kind of game was called" was with Super Mario RPG. I rented it from blockbuster and had no idea why it was called RPG. I soon discovered it was like those Sega Channel games I had been playing (and was a little sad because it wasn't the game I wanted it to be).

I didn't really "get into" RPGs as a genre until Pokemon got me more familiar with the actual concepts and Dragon Warrior (the remakes on the GBC) got me interested in the more traditional RPGs. I then went exploring for the old school RPGs (I actually played Final Fantasy I for the NES before any of the PSX games, despite discovering the genre just a few years after FFVII came out) and started getting the newer ones as well.

User Info: DualShooter23

4 years ago#430
Pokemon.......but Legend of Dragoon is truly the one that captivated me and made me the RPG loving gamer I am today.

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