ok for 4 year old son?

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User Info: apacke09

4 years ago#1
Most of the talk I'm seeing among adult gamers is if the game is too "kiddy" or childish for their tastes, but my question goes the opposite direction. The game is rated E10+, I'm wondering if it's maybe too intense to play with my 3 (almost 4) year old son. We like playing video games together and I've had my eye on this for his upcoming birthday. I know the mother dies at the beginning, though, and I'm wondering how emotional or intense that sequence is, or if there are other difficult scenes in the game. (Try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, if you can.)

If my boy were 6 or 7, I probably wouldn't think twice, but just turning 4, I'm just not sure.

I know there are generations of children that have survived Bambi and The Lion King, I'm not trying to raise an emotionally sheltered child, but the rating is E10+ and I take that seriously. So I'm looking to gather opinions from people who have actually played it, or if there are other parents who are playing this with their kids.

User Info: Hackfestreturns

4 years ago#2
What four year old can play this game? Unless you meant him watching you play. Or ridiculous troll fail. Not sure.
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User Info: NoctisEternal

4 years ago#3
The death scene is not overly dramatic and drawn out. It happens in under two minutes with cuts in between scenes jumping around to explain what happened.

I would say that this game may actually teach him some valuable life lessons about caring for others, and various character traits that could do well to be instilled at a young age. There is violence, but nothing more than what would be in any given Disney movie.

I would suggest that you play alongside your son, and explain to him all of these things. If you think that he may have a hard time with the death scene, then just skip it, or play ahead of him for a bit, and catch him up on the details later.

It truly is a wonderful game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

User Info: LoyalOath

4 years ago#4
I'd compare this to a Disney or Pixar movie to be quite honest. There is a lot of things that will probably go right over his head. For the most part the game is just focused on the super innocent Oliver and his desire to help people while going on a journey. Kind of a coming of age story of sorts. I haven't seen anything so far that I would deem completely inappropriate for a child to see, though there is a lot that I know I wouldn't understand when I was 4.

User Info: NoctisEternal

4 years ago#5
Hackfestreturns posted...
What four year old can play this game? Unless you meant him watching you play. Or ridiculous troll fail. Not sure.

You know, grinding in this game and capturing familiars is not that difficult. I spent 5 hours the other day backtracking and LITERALLY mashing X while multitasking.

User Info: Shinarouji

4 years ago#6
This is pretty much a Ghibli movie transferred into a video game, and people like to call Ghibli the Japanese Disney, so I'd say he's fine with playing it. The death scene isn't bad at all.
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User Info: SoopaSte123

4 years ago#7
The beginning should be fine. It's nothing too dramatic and if you're there with him it shouldn't be a problem. Gameplay-wise this game can get pretty tough at points, but again if you're helping him out you should be good.

When Level-5 started making this game they set out to make a wonderful game that children could play, too, and I'd say they succeeded.

User Info: Leanaunfurled

4 years ago#8
I can't imagine a 4-year-old getting the hang of this battle system.

User Info: Pirwzwhomper

4 years ago#9
Combat gets more intense once you have another party member, but I was playing on Normal. I'm sure the Easy difficulty makes the game much easier. Try that setting out for yourself and see if you think your kid can handle it. I did notice much more reading after the first major area (I don't mean there was more story to deal with, just the same amount with less voice acting), and the Lord High Lord of the Faeries can sometimes be hard to follow with just the text to read.
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User Info: KOFXIII

4 years ago#10
Isn't a RPG kind of a weird choice for a 4 year old?

Make him play Mario or something. It's simpler, it's fun.

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