ok for 4 year old son?

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User Info: Avvil

4 years ago#51
I think this game would be a fine choice for your son's birthday. He may struggle a bit with it at times, but it's nothing you wouldn't be able to help him with. In terms of content, though, there's nothing here that would be bad for him. I'd say to go ahead and try it.
"But...her voice when she's in pain is pretty adorable, you know?"
-Saya, Saya no Uta

User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#52
KOFXIII posted...
Isn't a RPG kind of a weird choice for a 4 year old?

Make him play Mario or something. It's simpler, it's fun.

why not ? jrpg are aimed at kids and teens

User Info: clo24

4 years ago#53
Its a good game for a 4 year old to watch as my daughter likes watching me play, especially on the animated parts.

User Info: stop3

4 years ago#54
I take it back... my 5 year old just watched us fight the first Nightmare and went screaming from the room because it was too scary.

But MOST of the game he's fine with. He couldn't play it (he doesn't have any desire to play at all, just watches... he doesn't have the motor skills to play anyhow), but enjoys watching most of the stuff, except when it gets scary.

User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#55
I'm kind of stretching here but the point is still valid. One of the reasons the US Govt. is wasting their time yet again looking at violent video games is because parents are just blindly allowing their kids to play games that are not age appropriate. This game is rated E but if you actually look at the box it does say 10+ meaning it is technically not appropriate for a 4 year old to play.

That being said it really does depend on the child whether or not they are mature enough to play a game. I have deemed a few games that were rated above my sons age ok for him to play because I had done research or played it myself first.

If you feel it's appropriate then that's your decision, in the case of this game though...I have no clue how they could get very far without getting destroyed, even on easy mode. The battles in this game take some skill.

User Info: MikeDanger1

4 years ago#56
I'd say it's good for him and as he grows older he'll treasure it more and more. In my childhood I had a Genesis and most of the games there where hard as nails and some were violent but now that i'm 22 I cherish all those great times I had with the Genesis.

So I say go ahead.

User Info: apacke09

4 years ago#57
Thanks for the continued input.

Regarding the game's difficulty and all of the reading that is involved with the game, if I wasn't clear before, I'll state it explicitly now - this is a game that my son and I would be playing together. At no point would I be switching it on and just leaving the room. He is still learning his letters and not reading yet, so I will be reading aloud whatever isn't spoken.

User Info: ajmrowland

4 years ago#58
boring_name posted...
ajmrowland posted...
This. People cant make assumptions and generalisations bout kids these days without looking ignorant. Its all individual. Like saying an 18yo cant control their hormones or something like that. I know a couple who can do that better than most adults.

Yes you can make, reasonable, assumptions when it comes to child development.

An extreme, but pertinent, example would be assuming a person's 3 month old can't talk.

Well true but people are more often less reasonable

Like runemasters comment. S/he clearly knows the kid as well as the tc to have the guts to say that.

User Info: zalak321

4 years ago#59
Yes. These are the kinds of games kids should be growing up playing.

Not Cod or AC.

User Info: Sand_Flare

4 years ago#60
When I was 4 years old I played through Sonic 1

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