ok for 4 year old son?

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User Info: legendrider

4 years ago#81
Okay some of you are being kind of ridiculous but some are right.

Anyway, yeah, the battle system of this game might be quite complex, if you want to get your child started on an RPG game, Pokemon is probably the most obvious choice.

Maybe a 6 year old, 5 year old if your lenient, but not a 4 year old
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User Info: VanilleHopen

4 years ago#82
the game is easy and colorful enough for a 4 year old.. I say go for it.
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User Info: Cat Astrophy

Cat Astrophy
4 years ago#83
NoctisEternal posted...
I spent 5 hours the other day backtracking and LITERALLY mashing X while multitasking.

Man it really doesn't take much to entertain you. Just make a game where you mash X for 5 hours. Sell it for $60. Profit.

User Info: KainSeth

4 years ago#84
mecha_mkII posted...
KainSeth posted...
<You'd be amazed at what they are teaching Kindergartners these days. I'm 32, but I never learned half the stuff he's currently learning at that level.

let's give our children a little more credit please.

Or lets give children the time to be children when they still can.

Perhaps you could define being a child? Times have changed....

User Info: boring_name

4 years ago#85
dmbrandonn posted...

And if you're sheltering your kid about dying, I'm doubting he has the mental capacity to be able to read... anything, let alone enough to comprehend this game.

What is wrong with you?

User Info: simonsteele

4 years ago#86
stekim40 posted...
4 years old is too young to be playing this or any video game.

a recent study suggests that to aid development its best to keep them off games until they are 5-6. tbh I think 4 is far far too young, give him/her a colouring book and a set of felt tips. happy for hours :)

Link the study.

When my four year old was hospitalized for months, and then in and out for the next few years, he began playing video games as those were a change of pace as something he could do from a bed. Four years later, in 2nd grade, he is reading books projected to be a fifth grade level and completely understanding them and is projected to be gifted in science and math. I would like to read this recent study.
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User Info: bearmon2010

4 years ago#87
apacke09 posted...
Most of the talk I'm seeing among adult gamers is if the game is too "kiddy" or childish for their tastes, but my question goes the opposite direction. The game is rated E10+, I'm wondering if it's maybe too intense to play with my 3 (almost 4) year old son. We like playing video games together and I've had my eye on this for his upcoming birthday. I know the mother dies at the beginning, though, and I'm wondering how emotional or intense that sequence is, or if there are other difficult scenes in the game. (Try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, if you can.)

If my boy were 6 or 7, I probably wouldn't think twice, but just turning 4, I'm just not sure.

I know there are generations of children that have survived Bambi and The Lion King, I'm not trying to raise an emotionally sheltered child, but the rating is E10+ and I take that seriously. So I'm looking to gather opinions from people who have actually played it, or if there are other parents who are playing this with their kids.

Hi. I do not mean to upset but you shouldn't. He is so innocent and 4 years old. COME ON! Being a good parent and let him play innocent and clean game like Mario or something. Be wise and be smart. That's why an adults are the worst than kids. They taught kids adult's way. Please dont! Leave him be and let him enjoy outside and kids game like mario. Please, be wise. You will regret when a kid grow up and get in trouble.. Who's at fault ? You. You are the parent and you are the responsible for this corruption world.

User Info: terminal21

4 years ago#88
First off, lol at the post above.

I'm a father of 3 boys, our oldest is 6 and my wife and I did have a conversation about letting him watch the death of the mother scene or not. In the end I simply started the game while he was at school so he would miss that scene.

My son gets an hour a day to do "game stuff" which he uses generally to either play minecraft or watch minecraft youtube videos. I walked in this time and he was watching ni no kuni videos to see what he missed. He had watched the death scene before I could stop him. Our following conversation went like this.

Dad--"Did you see the part with the mother?"
Dad--"Kind of sad huh?"
Dad--"Good thing the game isn't real life huh?"
Son(laughing)--"Yeah good thing there's no white witches in real life!"

So I think I mostly worried for nothing and he seems to be able to easily distinguish the game world from the real world.

Best of luck to the TC.

User Info: kantenbaer

4 years ago#89
thanks for the spoiler in the first post
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User Info: SteezyGamer

4 years ago#90
The people who made this game are considered the "Disney" of Japan...that should answer ur question right away. Plus people are sheltering their children way too much. ive grown up in both environments. All these kids that are doing shootings and stuff are good little sheltered kids with overprotective parents......think about that

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