level 5 > square enix???

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User Info: Muflaggin

4 years ago#61
Even with Square not at their height anymore they still **** on Level 5.
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User Info: epyon45

4 years ago#62
No. I despise what SE has become but they still put out excellent stuff...er.. sometimes. For Japan I mean. We get... whatever game Lightning is in. OH! And iOS crap. They make sure we get all the iOS crap!
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User Info: gorath44000

4 years ago#63
I think both companies have had hits and misses.

IMO, Final Fantasy as a series means too many things to too many people to ever be universally well received. For example, my favourite titles in the main series are VIII, VII and XII in no order - this is a far cry from what many other fans would list, probably because I don't particularly care for the pre-PSX entries, I feel IX is overrated, VII became so overrated it went supernova and thus cool to hate. It also seems FF follows the Zelda cycle whereby an entry will be received well, subsequently torn to shreds by 'fans' for the next few years and then suddenly elevated to some nostalgia-goggled status (see FFX). I found FFXIII excruciating and thus avoided XIII-2, although I understand it addressed some of the issues of the previous title. I can't help but feel that Square Enix's budgets have ballooned to the point that they might need to recycle assets in order to get 3 games out, given that lacking a multiplayer component FF titles are a god-send for second hand purchasers.

Level 5 started out well with Dark Cloud - a game I love but will admit has flaws. Dark Chronicle is one of my favourite games of all time, but again I can understand why some people wouldn't like Level 5's particular brand of grind combined with a bevvy of side activities to pad out the game. The same can be said of Rogue Galaxy. WKC is kind of a disaster on many levels - it was very unfocused and felt like Level 5 trying to play catch up against both Eastern and Western developers who can afford to develop for current gen consoles with big budgets. Dragon Quest VIII and IX are both stellar examples in the genre and at this point I can't comment on Ni No Kuni as Australia have yet to receive it.

Am I more excited to see the name Level 5 on a game than Square Enix these days? You bet, I like what it is their games offer, although I can see why some people don't. That doesn't diminish my love for Square Enix titles of yore or any upcoming that pique my interest. Unfortunately, some people in this thread seem unable to divide their affection between series' and developers, and for that I pity you.
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User Info: dooms14

4 years ago#64
Zetgob posted...
From: keybladeXIII | #003
But SE is likely to wake up after the success of games like this one and stop with the whole Lightning Returns and the All the Bravest (or all the money) crap they've been working on. .

Good one.

NNK sold horribly in Japan, and even if it does well here (which it seems to be) you're kidding yourself if you think it will ever reach FF numbers. You want to know why we are getting Lightning Returns? Because despite what random people on the internet have to say, both XIII and XIII-2 sold millions of units and was fairly well received by critics (not quite as well as past FFs or even NHK, but still better than most JRPGs could hope for)

Lot of people only buy it because of its name, i know a person who bought it just to have it in his FF collection. He only played 5% of the game never beaten it. left it in his bookshelf for years. I wasn't sure he didn't find interest in it or he just wants to have it in his library.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#65
Square Enix kinda sucks so yeah

User Info: athurdent

4 years ago#66
good games for lvl5: dark cloud series, professor layton series, ni no kuni, DQ 8 9.

good games for square-enix: ff 11 12 type-0, last remnant, KH2 bbs 3d, SaGa 2, tactics ogre. to some extent DQ10 and TWEWY. remasters of FF series and romancing SaGa, and ff13/-2 were polarizing but has to be said as good games as it has been well liked and received both critically and commercially even though I know everyone here hates them.

so conclusion no square enix is still releasing good games, at least the same or more than lvl5.

In my opinion if you remove NNK from the equation, I don't think this question would have been asked. If a new RPG from SE comes out tomorrow i would still probably go out and buy it but for L5 many people (OK not on this board) would go with who is L5?
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User Info: UnderratedGamer

4 years ago#67
Old Square a.k.a "Squaresoft" > SquareEnix

Squaresoft had games likes

-Final Fantasy I-IX (X is meh)
-Chrono Trigger + Cross
-Secret of Mana
-Vagrant Story
-Brave Fencer Musashi
-Parasite Eve
-SaGa Frontier
-Legend of Mana
-Super Mario RPG
-Romancing SaGa
-Secret of Mana 2
-Front Mission
-Bahamut Lagoon
-Secret of Evermore
-Threads of Fate

But yes, Level 5 is better than SE
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User Info: Gaboado

4 years ago#68

User Info: Drkr_Zen

4 years ago#69
I've said it for a while now... I think Level-5 is the new Squaresoft, while Square Enix has just lost their way as far as designing games go. They no longer make immersible, story driven products of yesteryear and have all but abandoned great series like Chrono and Mana.

They've let a love affair with graphics get in the way of making expansive RPGs... case in point FFXIII. But not only that, every character you come across is a tragic, serious and dreary one. Where's the Vaans that are tagging along to see how this plays out? Where's the Zells making fun of every scenario along the way? Where's the Zidanes that doesn't need a reason to help someone?

What's more is they no longer make games from a wide variety of genres that tended to be damn good... The Bouncer, Brave Fencer Musashi, Ehrgeiz, Einhander, Tobal... its like they abandoned everything to focus solely on mediocre RPGs.

On another similar note, PlatinumGames is the new Capcom, heh.
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User Info: RuneArcanis

4 years ago#70
The Final Fantasy franchise has been on a downhill slope since the release of FF8. Releasing mediocre game year after year. Not to mention the awful MMOs. It is sad for me to say, but unless Square Enix gets their act together, they are surely on the way out.

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