level 5 > square enix???

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User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#71
I love Level 5 because I love the PL games~
I like Square because they make KH, and I love KH, but SE is kinda buggin' me lately.
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User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#72
As of lately, yes.
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User Info: Phadin

4 years ago#73
Square in recent years has chased money more then quality I think. The games have gotten more impressive visually, but their decisions have mostly been about how to make the game to sell a lot and make more money. The recent iOS game and their decision to make MMOs out of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are evidence of this. Dragon Quest was the last old series taht still held to it's roots, but with DQ X, they've made it a Pay 2 Play MMO.

For the last 5 years or so, I've been losing faith in Square, and I've been playing since FF I and Dragon Warrior, back when the two companies were separate.

User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#74
Level 5 made decent RPG's. I did not play DQ8, but I have played the Dark Clouds, and Rogue Galaxy and White Knight Chronicles. These games aside are mediocre at best (Aside from DQ8 since I did not play it. Please don't kill me).

While the more recent FF games have been rather meh...SE's history has games that will never be forgotten and that is something Level 5 cannot rival....yet.

User Info: lanif

4 years ago#75
when level 5 starts publishing their own games then they can start to be better than square enix
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User Info: Sorv

4 years ago#76
I'd say like most people here, currently they're lightyears ahead of Squeenix. But considering of all time, Squarenix's got some great, great games in the past and when they were seperate (Square and Enix), it was even better, IMO.

But right now, L5's miles ahead of other RPG devs, especially with NNK. Dragon Quest meets Pokemon for the freaking win.

And on a side note, Bamco's been doing well with RPGs, lately. All of my favorite RPGs this gen were all published by them, with NNK taking the cake, of course. Xillia can't come too soon, though!
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User Info: TeraPatrick2008

4 years ago#77
Nowadays it would be even:
LJN > Square-Enix

User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#78
VanilleHopen posted...
AjidoMarujido posted...
From: VanilleHopen | #044
that is called kingdom hearts not final fantasy.. it's late go to bed get some sleep..

Yeah, because I totally said that it was called Final Fantasy...

You criticized L5 for releasing a game that looks appealing to kids, whereas one of Square's biggest franchises has been milking Disney charactrers for what? eight years now?

Square-Enix has been peddling kid-friendly looking games for nearly a decade, and have gotten great reviews at times, you really think that they couldn't do something similar with Final Fantasy?

Yes I don't think they could do something similar with final fantasy.... The expectations are different and higher.. You obviously don't know the ff fanbase if you think they would accept a kidish game like ni no kuni as a main entry to the series...

No offense but I think I would know better than you do since I am on their forums everyday..

You do know that even squeenix has relied on level 5 for dragon quest 8 and 9 right?

after the merger they aren't as good as they once were dq's are still solid though thanks level 5 :)

User Info: maximumbarmage

4 years ago#79
Correct. Square-Enix haven't produced a great game (Outside of Eidos at least) since FFXII... except for... Dragon Quest IX. Which was developed by Level 5.

SE are done. Once FFXIV bombs again they're going to be completely dependent on Eidos to survive... and how long will that last I wonder.
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User Info: Santaeid

4 years ago#80
I havent tried ni no kuni yet so I cant deceide but I still say SE is a little ahead because of their tenure and they publsihed Hitman, Deus Ex, and the new TOmb Raider. SE's past games are only what keep it better otherwise they are going way downhill. They are milking all fo their franchises.
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