level 5 > square enix???

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User Info: Sand_Flare

4 years ago#81
At this point, yes.

Level 5>SE

Ni No Kuni is easily better than anything that SE has produced (FF or otherwise) in the past decade.

User Info: Doom_Infinite

4 years ago#82
Guys it’s not just about the company it’s about the staff. Level 5 has had hit and misses, Dragon Quest VIII was definitely their best game until Ni No Kuni imo, however currently Level 5 has VERY good talent so they’re running a success train, just check out their next game on the 3DS, it looks funky and creative.
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User Info: hyperknees91

4 years ago#83
maximumbarmage posted...
Correct. Square-Enix haven't produced a great game (Outside of Eidos at least) since FFXII... except for... Dragon Quest IX. Which was developed by Level 5.

SE are done. Once FFXIV bombs again they're going to be completely dependent on Eidos to survive... and how long will that last I wonder.

Twewy, BBS, haven't played it but many loved Nier as well.

Square-enix just needs to make action rpgs from now on. It's what they are good at (as many say type-0 is excellent as well).
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User Info: Lenanalas

4 years ago#84
ztarfishez posted...
Level 5 is definitely an up and comer I think. Square Enix currently is kind of mindless. FFXIII-2 was an absolute joke and like one of the worst games I've ever played. FFXIII I loved at first but on replaying it's not really worth it for anything but the characters.

I agree fully with the statement on level 5 being an up and comer. This would probably have something to do with the new staffing they took on just before the NNK project.

However FFXIII was definately a great game when you take into consideration the difficulty put into it as well as the classic elements they brought back. The downside was the character splitting during the first half of the storyline. As far as FFXIII-2 is concerned, could have been great if not for how the game ends and how pathetically easy to play it is.

That being said I do not see SE having any major difficulties in the future with their solid fanbase, which makes the company more then the games do in many cases.

Level 5 can reach that potential if we see more games with NNK's calibre, i really would like to see some franchise competition out there, would bring back the 'must build the best game' mentality that produced SE's big hits in the past.

User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#85
Iunno, Type-0 and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy were some of the best RPGs I've played in the past few years. Square Enix still has potential, they just make really stupid choices that wound up with an egg on their faces.

Maybe it's because I still have the bad taste in my mouth known as WKC, though NNK was definitely a step in the right direction when I played the game last year. I felt it was all right, just nothing too memorable beyond really cute art direction and an excellent OST.
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User Info: atma6

4 years ago#86
Not even close. Ni no Kuni is great and if they keep making games as good as it, then yes, but they've made some really bad games recently. WKC is worse than anything Square has put out this generation.
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User Info: RazLord

4 years ago#87
I have to agree with Kumori, Type-0 was very good from what little I could play and Bravely Default certainly looks fun.

Square Enix isn't bad at the moment, I just think they're a bit misguided. While the fiasco with FF XIV did anger me with Square pushing back other titles in an effort to fix that game, it does tell me that they are more than capable of attempting to fix mistakes.

The main problem is, a lot of Square's recent titles have been helmed by Motomu Toriyama who well, is essentially cancer incarnate. FF X-2, The 3rd Birthday, Front Mission Evolved, just to name a few works that he has worked on. I personally played FM: Evolved and well, I can indeed see why the man needs to be fired or demoted. Whatever works to keep his touch out.

Anyways I digress, point is, Square isn't as horrible as people make them out to be. I feel Level-5 is overrated, personally. They have developed decent stuff but they are not OMG SO PERFECT as people make them out to be. If anything, I really don't think there's a perfect dev studio out there, as much as fanbrats would like to claim otherwise.

User Info: Nitharad

4 years ago#88
Are. you. implying. that there. are. still people. that ... take square enix serious ?

User Info: nekonuzze

4 years ago#89
I don't really like any Square Enix game..
I like many SquareSoft games though.

Level 5 --> Square Enix
>SquareSoft --> Level 5

User Info: Red_Falcon_

4 years ago#90
lazycomplife posted...

"The new final fantasy games aren't that bad. You just need to expand your view of the genre, and what is quality. FFXIII was a quality game with eye-porn graphics and an amazing soundtrack. If you wanna grind through lots of mobs, there are a lot of ways you can do so. Don't hate a quality game just cause you don't like the battle system or linearity."

The problem I had with both 10 and 13 where they where way too linear.Final Fantasy for me has always been being able to explore the world they created.Final Fantasy 7-9 and 12 are prime examples of this.They offered huge worlds that eventually allowed you to explore as you saw fit.Final Fantasy 10 and 13 on the other pretty much led you down a pre-defined path that allowed very little opportunity to explore the world.If I can't explore the world then it's not a Final Fantasy to me,
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