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User Info: zoulenPSP

4 years ago#91
I personally think Square's done a wonderful job on the current Final Fantasy series games. They're not as amazing as the originals, but in reality how many games release over 15+ titles of the same series and continue to do it correctly each time? No one. I'm going to love every Final Fantasy game either way because each one dishes up something new, and even more emotional than the last that's the reason I fell in love with the RPG genre to begin with. I haven't played very many Level 5 titles, but I don't think the two companies can be compared to one another. They're both amazing companies that do an awesome job with their game's and they satisfy their fans in so many different ways.

User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#92
ztarfishez posted...
snakbar posted...
I feel more confident buying a level 5 title than a square title at this point.

This pretty much sums up my opinion on the two developers.


but SE will continue to be in stasis thanks to the 'enablers'...c'est la vie

User Info: JonSan

4 years ago#93
Without Matsuno and Sakaguchi, Square-Enix has lost its competitive advantage in the RPG market. They just can't seem to tell good stories without these two. At the same time, these two both seem to be unable to deliver without the production value that Square-Enix offers. They should both rejoin and revive the company.

User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#94
cruel_death posted...
i was listening to invisible walls on gametrailers and they had a segment about level 5 being better then square enix simply because of the time and effort level 5 put into ni no kuni and the way too much time square enix puts into the final fantasy franchise, especially compared to final fantasy 13. i cant really argue because i'm a huge fan of level 5 but haven't really played the final fantasy series. Does anyone else agree with this?

stopped reading when i saw gametrailers. No credibility

User Info: Greyden

4 years ago#95
They might be able to be the next SE, but it will take a library of amazing industry changing games before Level 5 can even begin to be considered greater.

However Ni Nu Kuni>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FFXIII

User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#96
Kendei_Bunsetsu posted...
Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but you can't really count the first half of the Final Fantasy series because that was Squaresoft, not SE. I can't name very many Square-Enix games I actually enjoy, but I can name several Squaresoft games I loved.

Chrono Trigger is NOT s a SE game. It's a Squaresoft game, and while there may not SEEM like a difference, I can assure you there is a very big one.

Same for FF7 and such. That being said, there's one--maybe two final fantasy games, or RPGs or games in general that SE has done that are even passable in my opinion as actual good games. The rest are meh at best. FFXIII? Worst FF I've ever played, and it keeps getting progressively worse.

Enix team joined with square team to make a jrpg called chrono trigger. So in my head its Square Enix. Its not a square'soft' game.

User Info: ghhost99

4 years ago#97
I've liked Square and Square Enix since i was playing on my PS1 in my childhood days.

i've liked Level 5 since I've gotten a PS2 and a copy of Dark Cloud.

I like both equally, and I like the games they come out with. I'll buy from both and enjoy their products.

User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#98
Love both, but SE a bit more. They tend to have the edge when it comes to quality and quantity.

User Info: al3azmi

4 years ago#99
in my opinion
Square Enix doesn't make bad games but they try to innovate the games they won in their own way

Well the "people" just want a new story with the same old things(like CoD its the same game just different graphics , maps and new additions which aren't really good that is being released every year)

while square enix don't want games to follow the CoD style well only a sequal to a game will follow that style but with major edits
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User Info: ultron

4 years ago#100
Disagree, level 5 can make the game, but they usually have to collaborate with someone else to come up with a decent story.
A lot of their better titles aren't truly their own, they're not even close to being better than SE yet, not until we see some truly original title that is entirely from them without another group's involvement.

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