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User Info: didlowman

4 years ago#1
Thank you for placing your order with us.

I am really sorry to let you know that we have not been able to send your item Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Wizard's Edition) [PS3] as our warehouse has informed us that this is out of stock.

I understand how disappointing this must be and we have tried other suppliers, however we have not had any luck, a full refund for this product has been requested.

If you have any further question please let us know and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Harry Winstanley

To say the least I am not happy
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User Info: tomsayshi

4 years ago#2
How long ago did you pre order?
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User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#3
That sucks but it's better that you are at least getting a FULL refund rather than promotional crap that allows you to buy everything except what you ordered.

On a side note...I misread your name the first time I saw it. I almost though it said...nah nvm.

I was sad at first I missed out on the WE, but now it seems it was good I didn't bother with it.

User Info: try_corder

4 years ago#4
I would like to know when the TC made his order as well.

User Info: SlashBoy

4 years ago#5
Is this only for the wizard edition or for all the preorders on zavvi? :/

User Info: didlowman

4 years ago#6
August/September last year
I am not frightened of dying any time will do you've gotta go some time

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#7
didlowman posted...
August/September last year

Don't tell me my July preorder is in danger. :/
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User Info: cosmicwave

4 years ago#8
Any of you guys got email from zavvi yet? My status says its still awaiting for the stock. I'm getting worried that I won't get this game on time :(
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User Info: SlashBoy

4 years ago#9
I just checked my order on their page, and it it changed from "waiting for stock" to "pending delivery from warehouse" or something like that (Im from Spain and ordered from

Normal edition BTW.

User Info: carrliadiere

4 years ago#10
Mine's on 'awaiting dispatch', ordered about two weeks ago. Normal edition though.
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