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User Info: Renegade336

4 years ago#41
Just had my SE delivered by postman. Had dispatch e-mail from ShopTo on Wednesday at about 6pm.

User Info: carrliadiere

4 years ago#42
Hey, my copy from Zavvi arrived today. So...
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User Info: Al_the_darkman

4 years ago#43
Got a dispatch email from Zavvi lunch time yesterday saying i'll get the WE by the 8th Feb, unable to track it on the Zavvi site.

Hopefully I get it before the 8th.
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User Info: killahstyle003

4 years ago#44
My general advice would be to never use Zavvi, whilst I can only base this on my personal experience, here's a couple of things to note:

I bought Rayman Origins from them on ebay not too long ago, after not receiving it I sent a message and waited ten days for a reply (which is how long their guidelines said to wait before getting in contact). No reply came, so I opened a case with them, again the case was ignored and ebay were forced to issue a refund. Due to this I left negative feedback.

A few days later, I received a very politely worded bribe from them:

"Again we would like to extend our sincere apologies to you regarding this and we would like to offer you a 7 goodwill gesture to apologise and restore your faith in our outlet.

If you are happy with the offer and satisfied with the level of aftercare offered to resolve this, would it be possible to have eBay remove the feedback?"

There's a small segment of it. Essentially they get things right a decent amount of the time, but if things go wrong...they really don't care, at least up until the point it begins to make them look bad (their feedback percentage had started falling dramatically). I'd worry that their website may be even worse, since you can't rely on ebay and would have to make sure you cover yourself instead.

I've had a bad experience with them three times in a row now, each for a different reason.

Also, using their website doesn't make much of a difference, since another issue is the fact they use Hermes Delivery. Which is notorious for being a very poor service. Many pre-order items will arrive a little late, on the day if you're lucky, or early on a very rare occassion.

Of course there are exceptions, i'm not one of those people naive enough to think that because I had a bad experience, everyone will...but there seems a little more to it than that, which is why I wouldn't try my luck with them again.

ShopTo on the other hand, even if I were to have a bad experience with them tomorrow...i'd still recommend them, since they provide a very efficient service overall, with decent aftercare and i'd know it was a one off occurrence. Plus their pre-order items arrive early, with consistency (for the majority of people it seems).
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User Info: deathgeordie

4 years ago#45
I've used for years now too and the WE arrived safely this morning. Quite happy with it.

I'm a gold member on Shopto's loyalty scheme thing, last month got both Anarchy Reigns and DmC for about 10 total. That was using all the bonus points I'd saved up in about a year.
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User Info: lonelywolf23786

4 years ago#46
Zavvi sent me a order update saying this:

There has been a problem processing the payment for your order. The item is in stock and we will attempt to process the charge for your order again within the next 24 hours.

Pending a successful payment charge your item will then despatched. You will receive despatch confirmation to advise your item is on its way.

In the event that this proves unsuccessful, we will let you know and then we will try to attempt to take the payment again.

If you no longer require this item, please log onto your online account to cancel your order within the next 24 hours. Alternatively give us a call and on <<Site Telephone No>> and we will be happy to help you.

Many Thanks, Team

Well, it keeps on saying 'processing' on my order staus even though there's nothing wrong with my card. Just sent a email to zavvi to query how long it will take to process which I am worried about.
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User Info: makenshi1

4 years ago#47
I got that message emailed to me above also, i would recommened people do not cancel their order especially if money has been taken. Customer service on zavvi's facebook assured me that my account wouldnt be charged twice and that there is an i.t issue and that my order (and I assume many others) would be dispatched either yesterday or today regardless of what it said on your order status. Theyre probably just doing it according to bank payments which are set in stone and are dispatching accordingly. My bank while it says money has been taken, it hasnt been deducted from my credit balance which means that while the payment was authorised, they havent taken it on their end yet.

User Info: 61degrees

4 years ago#48
Are you guys from the UK? Anyone in the UK should be using ShopTo for all their games. Apart from special/limited editions that are only sold elsewhere.

User Info: lonelywolf23786

4 years ago#49
re: makenshi

Oh thanks for the info. Glad to hear it. Well hopefully they dispatch quick. I'm literally bored on my PS3 atm
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User Info: Axepriest

4 years ago#50
Daryon43 posted...
I have never had an issue with Shopto either but I am getting rather worried now. My order of the normal edition is still only saying "processing" on the site when I would normally have had a dispatch email with pic by now. If it's not even posted yet there's no way I'll get it before next week.

It's listed as in stock on the shopto site so i can't see why they wouldn't have sent yours.
I would give them a ring and see what's going on.

Phew, panic over. It's currently sitting on the desk in front of me. Still says processing on Shopto though.

I was gettting really stressed out as I always have stuff delivered to my work address, due to the postal service in the city usually being quicker than where I live. I've taken Monday off just so I could play it all weekend so, if it didn't come by friday, I'd not see it until Tuesday.
Anyway, happy now, is it hometime yet?

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